Monday, 2 June 2008


The weather was great, so I walked along the Ringvaart to work.

the coot had built an extension to her houseboat

There's a whole colony of geese along the Ringvaart. It seems there are too many geese in North Holland, so the provincial government wanted to have 12,000 shot. A court told 'm they couldn't do that. I just hope they don't all migrate to the Ringvaart because then I wouldn't be able to walk there anymore…

either the geese were sleeping late or I was early

On MacGillavrylaan they've built student housing. Obviously this is for foreign students, since most Dutch students wouldn't be able to read Chinese.

学生住房, which strangely enough translates to 'student housing'

The other day I was almost ran over by a port-a-potty truck on the MacGillavrylaan. Now I know where it was hurrying to: work. It's the shitter for the builders that are working on AMOLF's new laboratory. They've found some asbestos here in the pit they're digging for the new sewers, so I wonder what those builders have been eating.

full of that asbestos shit

We had our tea break in the garden.

some people hate being photographed

The wildlife at work is not as big as giraffes or elephants, nor as poisonous as a fer-de-lance. It is rather more cuddly.

rapid rabbit, hopefully not rabid. under the second tree from the right, halfway up the embankement

As rare in the wild as a fer-de-lance in Amsterdam, a lady dressed in burqa. Government estimates on the number of women wearing burqa in the Netherlands vary from 200 to 400; this probably why I've only seen a burqa wearing person once before in Amsterdam. That was in the city centre, so it might have been a tourist.

a rare find on Celebesstraat

Every year the Roots festival comes to Amsterdam. The Oosterpark always has a few stages with world music during the festival. This year it is from 14 to 21 June, featuring a.o. 'Balkan Flamenco.'

roots festival

The temperature was so high walking back I got nearly dehydrated. I stopped at almost every drinking fountain I saw in the park.

drinking fountain at the OLVG gate

I crashed at the Maxwell terrace where Kimber resuscitated me with a few Cola Lights (cola light? colas light? colas lights?) I noticed a handyman had parked his scooter truck near the terrace. Moby Dicky was painted in a bad imitation of WW2 aircraft bodypaint.

Moby Dicky

After hanging out on the terrace for about an hour I picked up a Kai Pad Med Mamuang from the ThaiCoon and went home.


Juf Jo said...

Lets hope the burqa's remain rare, they frighten me.
The Roots festival... I wonder if there will be anything relating to my roots there.
Be carefull with that drinking fountain, Vlo bumped into it chasing a rabbit the other night and pushed it over.
Try it, next time push it a bit.

Kees said...
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Kees said...

I noticed it was a bit wobbly. I didn't know it was Vlo's fault. So much power from such a little doggie...

Nicole said...

I only saw a lady wearing a burqa once too. She used to get on the tram at Victorieplein. She was fairly young and would also put on gloves and what not, to cover all her skin and I used to think of how deficient in vitamin D she must be because her skin never saw the light and how depressed you'd get from that if you weren't already depressed enough being imprisoned in such clothing.

Vincent said...

"Diet Coke(s)", Kees.

I wonder if the lady in the tent is afraid of people wearing 30's clothes ;-)

So there are 300-400 in The NL huh? I've only seen 1 or 2 and I spent 8 hours a day in A'dam west for the past 2 years...

Juf Jo said...

vincent, I hope I do scare them, I seem to scare everyone else ;)

Oscar said...

At the Schilderswijk in Den Haag I've seen a multiple on one day. Do I hold a sightseeing record of some sort? Although it could just be the same women every time again. The options to distinguish between them is quite limiting.

I mistaken the Moby Dicky mobile to resemble Stitch from the movie Lilo & Stitch.

Kees said...

Stitch? Only because it was nominated for an Oscar