Saturday, 14 June 2008

world blood donor day

The weather was fine today, so after lunch I set out for a walk. I hadn't been in the van Woustraat area for a long time, so I wanted to see what had changed. I started off by walking to Berlagebrug, where I had a good view of 'Manhattan on the Amstel'.


Crossing the bridge you have an equally good view of Amsterdam's original skyscraper, the aptly named 'Wolkenkrabber', which was built in 1932.

the scyscraper

From Victorieplein I walked into Rijnstraat, continuing into van Woustraat.

van woustraat

I crossed Ceintuurbaan and kept walking towards the city centre.

albert cuijp market was busy as usual

This Moroccan coffeeshop supports the Dutch soccer team.

hup holland

I walk along the Reguliersgracht and the weather was steadily improving. It was getting warmer and warmer.


On Amstelveld I noticed the strange way the church bell was attached to the building.

amstelkerk church bell

I walked passed Rembrandtplein and crossed the bridge over the Amstel.


Into Staalstraat; there was a massive crowd in Puccini's chocolate shop.


Onto Waterlooplein. Crowd and merchandise as usual.

lolly pop

I decided that it was time for a cup of coffee, and that the best place for it would be the Zoo.

nieuwe herengracht

It was very crowed in Artis; today is world blood donor day and all blood donors in the Netherlands had a free pass to the zoo. The blood donor organization Sanquin was handing out orange caps and bandana's to people who signed up as donors on the spot. I wonder how many soccer fans will actually give blood other than in hooligan riots.

world blood donor day

The pelicans near the 'Two Cheetahs' restaurant were preening. I got a cup of coffee and sat down for 15 minutes, the first moment of rest in the afternoon.


I walked to the sea lions, where there had been a birth two days ago. Young animals always appeal to the crowd, so it was hard to get near. Mother and daughter were at the far end, as far away from the crowd as possible, so they were hard to see.

sea lion crowd

I walked back through Oosterpark and sat down for a Coke at Maxwell's. I had walked over 8 km this afternoon and I started to feel my feet. Slowly I'm sneaking more and more kilometers into my walks. As long as I keep walking the pain is bearable; the problem is when I rest and have to start again. BTW, I didn't take any ibuprofen today, so your shares might fall…


Vincent said...

Sheesh Kees, are you not walking a bit too much? Nic and I used to walk into town exactly that route sometimes. It's a very nice way across the "grachten".

Say, is the fountain at Frederiksplein on yet? Do your self a favour and have a sit on a bench there when the fountain is on. Nic and I sat there quite often. It's one of my favourite spots in A'dam. Last summer it was so hot outside that people were all over and IN that fountain. Unfortunately people let their dogs in as well who sometimes would leave a kind of yellowy trail behind them...

We got peli's flying around here btw. Not in captivity but wild. Sometimes you can see them sit on a lamp post on one of the jetty's at the beach. Looks like it's gonna rip the whole lamp out that's how big they are though.

Nicole said...

You did my old neighbourhood walk! It's great to see the photos. That's how I walked to work each morning, up the Rijn and Van Woustraat to my agency on the Westeinde.

I love the Wolkenkrabber at Victorieplein, it's a really well designed building.

I also love it when people say Victorieplein instead of the morons who keep calling it Victoriaplein.