Tuesday, 29 July 2008

the #14 menu

I left my umbrella at home when I walked to Muiderpoort Station; the weather forecast was sunny. My hip was feeling much better, too. Maybe it turns out to be a similar problem to the pain in my left foot; that one usualy starts to hurt when the weather (air pressure) changes fast.

muiderpoort station

At work the day went dead-slow. Everybody is on holidays and the IT department is manned by a fraction of the normal number of staff. By the looks in the hall at the coffee break other departments had even less attendance. The only exiting thing that happened was that it started pouring down with rain. It later dried up again, so I didn't need the umbrella.

After work I took the bus to Insulindeweg and walked through Javastraat. It was very quiet there too. Most of the shops on Javastraat are run by Turks or Morrocans and they're all away for family visits in the old country, and so are their customers.


I walked through Oosterpark where there were a few more people around, hanging around the duck feeding place and lounging in the grass. There were even a few picknicks going on.


I emerged at the other end of Oosterpark and walked into Ruyschstraat where there's a sushi take-away. While walking through the park I had gotten a ginormous yearning for sushi and this was the nearest place you could get some.

sushi shop

I got the #14 menu which is actually larger than I should have ordered, but it tasted very good and it went down like a treat. I had a fruit salad for desert.

#14 menu

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Oritje said...

Lately I've been having this yearning over Amsterdam and Diemen in particular where I lived for 5 years (3 years a go)...and your blog eased it...thanks