Monday, 21 July 2008

all in a day's wok

Today I walked to Amstel Station. On Maliebaan I noticed for the first time how immensely sharp the corner of this building is.

architect trying to make a point

The metros don't run all month for much needed repairs to the rail system in the tunnel between Central Station and Amstel Station. The last major maintenance was 30 years ago. To move the people the GVB have made metros out of busses; every few minutes a group of busses leaves the station and drives in convoy to the other station.

#59 metro convoy

At work I dug around some more in the Typo3 documentation and caught up on some work related reading of trade magazines etc.

When I left I took the bus to Insulindeweg. Walking towards Javastraat I saw this sign in the snackbar's window "we are also hairdressers". Strange combination.

would you like your haircut's with or without ketchup's?

Walking down Javastraat the rain started to come down in buckets. There are not many places where you can shelter so I was soaked in minutes.

rain in van swindenstraat

The rain continued while I walked through Oosterpark and didn't stop until I was only meters from my front door. I went to AH to get some food.

rain in oosterpark

I made a Chinese type pork dish with green, yellow and red bell peppers (paprika), string beans, mushrooms and bean sprouts (tauge). Served with noodles and sweet and sour sauce it tasted pretty good. I put half the meal in the freezer for another day.

sweet and sour pork


Vincent said...

Dat ziet er erg yummy yummy uit Kees :-)

Nicole said...

Great looking dinner! You just need to practise the hair cutting and you too could have your own shop!