Monday, 14 July 2008

the big hole

When I walked through Frankendael park this morning you could notice the holidays in Amsterdam have started; there was only one person besides me in the park. I met him about four times as he was jogging rounds. After the second time we started greeting each other.

frankendael in the morning

The wild part of the park was really growing like mad. I keep telling myself to come back here and have a good look around, but I usually remember that by the time I'm already home.

frankendael wild garden

Coming out of the park I walked onto Wethouder Frankeweg, which in turn continues on Galileïplantsoen. The green area here is very wide and if it wasn't an alternate sneak route for a lot of traffic I think it would be a nice place to live.


At the end I turned right onto Archimedesplantsoen. A former colleague of mine used to live here and when I visited him and his wife it was always very quiet in the road. When they moved to Eindhoven they offered me the house, but on a single salary I couldn't afford the mortgage.


At work nothing much was happening. Most people were on holidays and the few left at work spent most of their time watching the Tour de France I believe. There was a 'watch the Tour and let's have a BBQ' event from 15:30 onward. I don't like bicycle racing and the BBQ would be too late for my dinner, so I left around 16:00.

I walked to Celebesstraat and into the tunnel under the railway to Polderweg. I can imagine that not many women will want to walk here alone at night. The tunnel is very dark and creepy with all the graffiti.

polderweg tunnel

On Polderweg some of the builders were still at work. Usually on a building site you'd find a sign explaining what is being built. Not here. Your guess is as good as mine.


They've also dug a really big and deep hole. I think the ground here was polluted by the industry that was here before and they've had to sanitize the lot. If they just let water in it would make a nice little lake but they'll probably want to build on it again.

the big hole

When I got home I wanted to eat some bread with ham and eggs, but the bread that I had bought last wednesday at Hartog had gone mouldy. That's what you get when they don't add preservatives… I made an omelette instead and had a fruit salad.

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