Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Blijdorp Zoo

Today we went to the zoo. This time we didn't go to our normal haunt, Artis, but to 010 (Rotterdam for the uninitiated) where Blijdorp Zoo is located. We started off by getting a train to 010. As usual, Danny and Marion started knitting as soon as they had parked themselves on the train. As usual, I started to make photographs.

train kip

When we got to 010 we found an vintage tram waiting to take us to Blijdorp. It runs exclusively between Central Station and the Zoo.

ye olde tramme

The interior is as it would have been in the 1930s. Only the driver and conductor weren't dressed in vintage uniforms, which I thought would have been a nice touch.

è pericoloso sporgersi

Since I have an Artis membership I could get into Blijdorp for free on my membership card and the free ticket Artis gave me. Marion has the same and she has a volunteer worker pass from Artis which also gives her entry into Blijdorp. She thought that Danny could get in on the free ticket. However, the ticket inspector was extremely alert on strangers from 020 (Amsterdam for uninitiated) trying to smuggle people into his beloved zoo and refused Danny entry on Marions free ticket. So Danny had to buy a full price ticket for € 17.50. Bummer.

When we finally managed to get inside we walked more or less straight to the Oceanium on the other side of the grounds. Marion had been here before and was very keen on seeing the fish there. We walked past loads of animals that we were going to see on the way back, but we made a stop at the prairiedog enclosure.

Blijdorp is a much newer zoo than Artis and has more room. This means the animals have more room, too, and a more natural habitat. The prairiedogs enclosure is an example of that; you can almost pick them out of their enclosure.

prairiedog, 8.1 on the cuteness scale

We rambled around in the Oceanium for a while where they had signs everywhere telling parents to keep their kids silent. After one particular earsplitting shriek I yelled "May we have some silence, please?" It went dead quiet until they figured out that I wasn't going to read them a story or tell them Osama bin Laden had been seen in the Zoo. When that penny dropped the air-raid sirens started up again. I was ready to feed them to the crocodiles.

crocodile, 1.8 on the cuteness scale. scores 10 on the teeth scale

Next to the Oceanium is a walk-in bird cage with red ibisses. Their colour is even more red than on the photo. I played around in PhotoShop to see if I could get the right shade of red but failed. Go to Blijdorp and have a look yourself.

ibis, 9.2 on the redness scale

Camels and other potential yarn-bearing animals score high on Marion's and Danny's attraction scale. There was a young camel calf but the moment it saw us it turned its back to us and laid down. I made photos of other camels instead.

camel, 8.7 on the yarn scale

Giraffes are amongst Marion's favourite animals, so I made a lot of photos of them. You will find them on my Flickr page.

giraffe, 10 on the height scale and 7.5 on the goofy looks scale

I prefer big cats myself.

sumatran tiger, 9.7 on the big cat scale.

I saw a lot more than is shown in these photos and I advise everybody to go to Blijdorp yourself. It is a really nice zoo with lots of shrieking children things to see and do. They even have seagulls.

seagull, 9.5 on the fishy scale


Juf Jo said...

I really like that tram ;)

17.50 to visit a zoo??
And people are suprised todays kids spend their entire days behind computers and tvs...

Marion said...

Wow Look at the camel and the giraffe... you can see why they are related :D

Thnx for the great giraffe pictures kees, they score 100 (one hundred) on the cuteness scale.. oh and a full thousend on eye-lashes.. :D

Vincent said...

Nice shots Kees. I like those old trams a lot as well. The animals are just beautiful. Even the crocodile.