Thursday, 24 July 2008

california dreaming

I forgot to bring my camera this morning. My foot was still hurting from yesterday's zoo adventure so I took the bus to work. I did walk back, but there's no photographic evidence…

After dinner I went for another walk since I had missed the morning one. I walked to Singelgracht, where I crossed the bridge to Spinozastraat. Strangely enough it is called a street even though it is next to the Singelgracht.

singelgracht, looking east

Rhijnspoorplein (the southern part of what everybody thinks is Weesperplein) has some nice sculptures from the 1930s when the Weesperpoort Station was on this spot. The station was demolished in 1939. Only the sculptures remain.

last remnants of Weesperpoort Station

I walked along the Wibautstraat and on to Nieuwe Prinsengracht. You walk past the back of the Carré Theater, which is fugly as hell. I'm sure the people living on the other side of the canal are thrilled with their view. I firmly believe some architects ought to be shot.

behind carré

I crossed the Amstel at the Skinny bridge and the water traffic was like rush hour. Every boat owner in Amsterdam was on the water.

view from skinny bridge

The Stivale d'Oro on Amstelstraat is still under construction. They now have a toilet in the window and a sign saying that they'll open again next week. When I looked inside I thought there was still an awful lot of work to be done.

one week to go

Mulligans was quiet when I came in. Barry is thrilled with the new smoking ban; he says he can now wear the same clothes for three days. I told him we could smell that now…

no more ashtrays on the bar

Alex has bought a new motor cycle, a Moto Guzzi California. I had a Moto Guzzi in the 1970s. Great bike. Mine was stolen in the winter of 1977 and I still miss it every now and then.

jon looking at alex's new moto guzzi

I stayed in Mulligans for about 45 minutes and walked back through Utrechtsestraat. When I got to Frederiksplein I started to get red-hot shots of pain in my right hip and knee. I limped to the tram stop and took a #10 to Korte 's-Gravesandestraat, the nearest stop to home. When I got off the tram, the pain had stopped.

Walking past the Oosterpark it started again and then stopped again after about 50 meters. Another 150 meters further down the road it started again. I was limping by the time I got home. I just hope this is an after effect from yesterday's excursion and not something that'll happen more often.


Vincent said...

Hi Jon! Hi John! Hi Barry! Hi Alex!

I like the old bridges. They often have lovely decorations on them that most people never look at. I of course especially like this one :-)

How is Mulligans doing with the smoking ban? Any first hand news on less or more people coming in? John Book is still there and he smokes. Alex smokes as well no? Also still there. I can't wait to come in when I'm on holiday and have my Guinness in a smoke-free Mulligans. It's a shame they banned it after we left...

Kees said...

I don't go to Mulligans very often, so I don't know if they get more or less people coming in. When I was there on a saturday it was pretty busy.

The smokers just walk outside; Miriam has ashtrays screwed to the outside wall. Most bars have those now. There's also a stand with "smoker's umbrellas" for when its raining...

Nicole said...

Hello people that I know! I love that shot of Jon and Alex. And that train sculpture is a beauty.

Hope the pain has disappeared :)

danny said...

I didn't know that train sculpture, although I pass by that spot regularly. I do know who did the first Carre refurbishment: Greiner & van Goor architecten. Onno Greiner (son of the Greiner who designed Betondorp) was my ex' boss at the time, and we got to see a couple of musicals when the renovations were finished. Like Les Mis, Cats, and Joe. Things I could've done without as well.

danny said...

oh btw, Miriam said no news on the smoking ban yet; July is a notoriously slow and unpredictable month.