Tuesday, 8 July 2008

the cruijff court

I had to see my doctor this morning about the change-over from glimeperide to metformin. I saw this pink building opposite the OLVG hospital when I walked to his surgery in Camperstraat.


After two weeks on metformin I feel great; my fasting glucose level is 5.5 mmol/l which is spot-on. According to the Dutch GP Society this value has to be between 4—7 mmol/l. The International Diabetes Federation's value's are even stricter: under 5.5 mmol/l, and that's what I have. Yet, the doctor advised me to stay on the twice-daily 500 mg metformin for the time being.

We then discussed the results of the vascular surgeon I'd seen a few weeks ago for the tingling feeling in my right foot. He was surprised —as I was at the time— that the surgeon had only made an X-ray of the left foot, while the problem was in the right foot. So he sent me off to the OLVG for another shot at the foot.

I had to wait only a few minutes in the X-ray department. The operator was very quick and professional. He sat me down on a stool, put the scanner plate (made by Canon) under my foot and shot two X-rays. Three weeks ago, when they took photos of my other foot, they made me lay down on the table with my foot at such an angle that I thought I was going to break the ankle again. This time it was much more comfortable.

When I made a photo of the X-ray room, the operator asked me if I was taking revenge.


When I walked out the hospital it was pouring down. Luckily the tram was on the tramstop in front of the hospital so I could just jump in.


At work I did some updates to the website and looked into the security of our new gate system. I beginning to suspect our gate system is using the first generation Mifare RFID chips which are also used by the Dutch public transport (OV) card, the London Oyster card and thousands of buildings in the world where they're used as access control.

And, having followed the news, we all know that the Mifare chips have been hacked, cracked, sliced and diced. The Dutch government has put guards at gates where normally you'd only have a Mifare card access. They want to replace all Mifare shit with something more secure since the second generation has also been hacked. We're now installing generation one… Security theatre.

Coming to work late means you have to compensate by leaving early. I walked down the MacGillavrylaan. It's still Amsterdam's widest footpath. Too bad they also let the busses run on it, but at least it is damn hard to block it with your bicycle…

the widest footpath

I crossed the Molukkenstraat and walked along the Ringvaart until I got to the railway. I went over the little red and yellow bridge, walked along Celebesstraat and crossed under the railway to Polderweg.

red and yellow bridge

Next to the Montessori school on Polderweg is a Cruijff Court or 'trapveldje', a 'kicking field'. Named after the famous soccer player, 'trapveldjes' are places where kids can kick a ball around without having to fear the wrath of neighbours with broken windows. Cruijff once said that all good football players on the street are born, or words to that effect. The scriptwriters for Star Wars used translated Cruijff material as the grammar for Yoda's lines.

great move but no goal. cruijff says "to score you must have the ball"

At the corner of Polderweg and Linnaeusstraat is the local police station. They have CCTV cameras on all corners of the building. I wonder why. I mean, who is going to break into a police station that is manned 24/7? I consider it my civil duty to make a photo of every camera that makes photos of me. Think of it as revenge.

i spy with my little eye

Walking into Pretoriusstraat I saw this notice in the butcher's window. "It is not permitted to be on, in, at or above the window sill". What about the upstairs neighbours? Have they been deported or, since it is a butcher… ?!?


I had a nice beef teriyaki salad for dinner.


Vincent said...

I was in that exact X-ray room to have my lungs photographed for my visa request. They had to make two x-rays coz my lungs were too big for one photo.

Kees said...

I'm surprised you weren't too big for the room ;-)

Oscar said...

The RFID chips might very well be of Mifare from NXP. Here is some very generic Wikipedia information on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIFARE

The 'MIFARE Standard' RFID chip is what's used in the OV chip card and stadium tickets. This one is hacked six days to Sunday (crack time today: 12 seconds on a laptop). Hence I protest to have the inherit threat of getting my 3134 euro train subscription copied. Without any form of humor I've put my tinfoil hat in my bag and keeping my wallet with the card secured.

Our key system at the lab has a more advanced version, but I haven't determined the type yet. I'm guessing on the MIFARE ProX or DESFire. These cards are recently subjected to hacking and have resisted for the moment. Their design is far superior to the 'never designed for secure purposes' through-away cards.

(let's call this my little hobby)