Friday, 4 July 2008


I remembered to bring the camera with me this morning, so without further ado the first photo. It's a double-decker bonsai in a window around the corner from me. Strange looking thing.


I walked along Ringdijk (…) towards Amstel Station and spied a familiar logo. The last time I saw it was on a photo from Oz on Vincent's blog. Obviously these cleaners get around.

iss thiss iss?

In Amstel Station I took a photo of the other mural. This one is over the ticket booths. When it was made in 1938 there were no electric trains yet, hence you can only see steam locs in the mural. I wouldn't mind if they brought back steam locs. I remember going to Belgium as a kid in the '50s and seeing steam locomotives still running there. I think they only phased them out in the '60s. I just love steam!

steam locs

Taking the mural shot took a minute too long and bus #40 to work had just left. The next bus would be in 15 minutes, so I started walking to the next stop. This gave me a good, unobstructed view of 'Manhattan on the Amstel'.

manhattan on the amstel

At work I busied myself with making mock-ups of fake 'movie posters', which we are going to send to schools in September when the LHC is turned on in Geneva. I also did some photo work for our scientific director. That's one of the things I like about my job: one day you're hunting hackers, the next day you're doing graphical design. When there's work to be done it's almost never boring.

A package fron the USA had arrived with some T-shirts I had ordered from despair. They have a great collection of sombre, demoralizing, demotivational T-shirts. Marion had ordered two as well, so I went to the library to hand them over. I took bus #22 from the Molukkenstraat and got off at the NEMO-stop. Going down to the NEMO quay I saw this strange looking building. I haven't figured out what it is for yet, but I think it might have something to do with the IJtunnel.

ijtunnel building?

Walking past the NEMO you have a good view of the IJ Music Building and the Passenger Terminal / Mövenpick Hotel. There was a cruise ship moored today. These things are humongous!

cruise ship; X marks the spot.

Marion was surprised and happy to see me. She loved the T-shirts. We sat and talked for a while until work reared its ugly head and I left to find some dinner. I walked past the first floating Chinese restaurant in Europe, the Sea Palace. It's been there since 1984.

floating chinese restaurant

I took a #9 tram to Linnaeusstraat and got a nice mozarella with balsamico salad from AH. I also did most of my weekend shopping at the same time.


Renate said...

always wondered about the food on that floating Chinese restaurant. It's modelled after a restaurant in HongKong?Shanghai?Somewhere?

Fluffy cloud day again today, by the way :-)

Vincent said...

I like Amstel station. Nicole and I started many a trip there. I also like the bit of manhattan on the Amstel. It's too bad they don't have the room to make it a real manhattan. They're trying at WTC now but that's not as nice looking I find. I also like the Bonsai very much. The one I tried to grow passed away 2 months ago I think But I still water it every now and then in case it's dormant during the winter...

Nicole said...

Looks like excellent weather. I've never been to that Chinese restaurant on the water, but always wondered about it.