Monday, 28 July 2008

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This morning I had an appointment in the Vampire Club OLVG hospital to get my blood tested again for the HbA1c value, the blood sugar level over a three-month period. Results will be back on August 10th.

From the hospital I walked along the Oosterpark to the corner of Linnaeusstraat. I wanted to be near a tram stop since my hip started to hurt again. I hadn't taken an Ibuprofen this morning because I had to do a fasting blood test.

oosterpark / linnaeusstraat

When I got to the corner the pain in my hip had gone away somewhat, so I walked on to Muiderpoort Station where lots of people were running to get their tram. I got on the #40 bus as it arrived when I did.

running for the tram

At work I transfered all the Typo3 stuff from my test VM to the real server. First I had to install mysql-server since that hadn't been installed out of the box. I then made tarballs of the databases on the VM and the webdirectories and unpacked them on the real box. I fired up Apache and nothing worked…

The reason it didn't work was that Typo3 still thought it was on the VM. I couldn't log in as administrator and I couldn't use the install tool. So I went into the database and changed the domainName of the machine by hand. Now it worked partly; there was still a part of Typo3 thinking it was running on the VM. It turned out to be a reference to a baseURL which was in one of the templates. When I changed that to the new box' name everything came to life. Woohoo.

Later in the day I changed from baseURL = "" to baseURL = "/". That worked too, and now the code is portable.

I discussed this code change with Ben the Typo3 consultant who told me that there's another Ben working for yet another Typo3 consultancy and that yet another Typo3 consultant had read my blog and wondered which Ben I was referring to. So do all consultants learn their Typo3 trade from reading my blog?

At the end of the day I made an invitation card for the goodbye dinner for one of my colleagues. He's going to the University of Twente where he's been appointed Dean of the Physics Department.

I took the #40 bus back to Muiderpoort Station and walked passed the Dapper Market which wasn't very busy at all. I did walk all the way home since I had taken an Ibuprofen at work. One tablet doesn't take all the pain away, but it takes the edge off and makes it bearable.

dapper market

The weather was very hot and humid. Humidity is around 80% and when I got home I found the house was cooler than outside. Inside it was 28.5° C. Too hot for comfort. I had a nice Mozarella and Balsamico salad for dinner.

outside was warmer…

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Oscar said...

Interesting that Type3 people hit the blog. Typo3 provided me in the millions of Google hits and search for 'Typeo3 nederland' still gave 18k of results. Somebody narrowed the search ;-)

I wonder how other installations of Typo3 proceed. You seem kinda busy in the hassle of the installation procedure. Perhaps I'm not getting the picture, so let me stop there judging about Typo3. :-)

The humidity is very high. Also here at home, its not really nice to have the laptop on my lap. I'm in need for thermal isolation and cooling.