Friday, 25 July 2008

going postal part 2

Breaking news: when I weighed myself this morning I was 109.7 Kg. This is the lowest I've been in over 30 years. I was so overwhelmed with joy I limped out the door and forgot (again) to bring my camera.

Loosing all this weight has its repercussions; my hip was still hurting from all the walking when I went out the door so I took the bus to work.

109.7 kg

At work I started version 1 of a new astrophysics experiment grant request. This is a request for € 9 million; enough potential money to drop all other work.


In the afternoon Anna called to say she had followed my advise and bought a new MacBook. It had just arrived and she was now unwrapping it. She just wanted me to know.

new macbook

After work I went to the post office to send out our Viking magazine. The others who'd normally do that are on holidays. I hadn't sent a letter or postcard in years. So, coming to the desk I offered two bundles of enveloppes, all weighing the same. One stack with addresses in the Netherlands and one stack with addresses in Europe. When I used to do this years ago they would run the enveloppes through a machine that would imprint the postage and then they'd tell me how much I owed them. I'd pay and they would chuck the lot into the postbag.

Not anymore. They weighed one enveloppe (60 grams) and told me I needed to put 3 stamps of € 0.75 on the European enveloppes and 3 stamps of € 0.44 on the Dutch ones. They then sold me not the amount of stamps I needed but sealed books of stamps which held more than I needed. I told them I didn't need more stamps than was needed for the enveloppes, but they couldn't sell me the exact amount. Only more or less. Less not being an option I had to buy more stamps. I then spent about half an hour putting 3 stamps on every enveloppe. Eight years ago they would have run it through their macine in two minutes. Progress is great. At least the stamps are now pre-glued and you don't have to lick them. I then had to throw the enveloppes in the postbag myself. No wonder everybody is now using this newfangled 'email'.

With the hoof and hip situation being what it is I'm not sure yet if I will go to Delft tomorrow. Juf Jo is organizing the trip and I do want to go. If I go maybe I'll buy some Delft blue stuff.

delft blue


Vincent said...

Congratulations Anna! You will not regret this purchase :-)

What a silly story at the post office. Quite ridiculous.

Gratz on the new weight, I wish I could say the same but I'm not walking to my work lol.

Oscar said...

I had the same problem with the postal service. I only needed 3 stamps for the thing I was sending. Which means I had to buy 10. Logical ain't it?
These are practical reasons why I think people easily move to other means of messaging. I try to avoid the postal service all together.

Nicole said...

Yaaaaaay Anna has a new computer! I can't help but feel that you were somehow responsible Kees.

Juf Jo said...

Im soo yalous that someone already has a Imac and I still dont :(

The Post has been going mad here for some time.
Everything matters, except service!
All they care about is money, not about the customers.
The world has been turned upside down.
Have you seen what the postmen look like these days?
Respectable men in impressive uniforms who salute the people they bring mail to have been replaced by people who look like they are homeless people working in a special project.
Forcing us to buy more stamps has perhaps something to do with the new stamps that need no licking.

I'm glad you went with us to Delft anyway, we had a lovely day.
I hope you got home okay.
Whats keeping the photos ;)