Saturday, 12 July 2008

the lion's lunch

This morning it was raining so I stayed indoors. In the afternoon it had inproved a lot so at 13:00 I started walking into town. I wanted to buy some books at the ABC bookstore on Spui since I hadn't been there in about a month. I walked from Beukenplein past the OLVG hospital into Tweede Boerhaavestraat. This is where Juf Jo lives. She has a view of the old primary school from her living room.

public primary school of the 1st class number 104

Earlier in the week Danny had sent me a link to a Flickr set with PhotoShopped bitmap art, showing what the world would look like if IT was everywhere. IT is everywhere in real life! Just look at the space invaders on Weesperplein. I've seen more space invaders like this in Amsterdam and I'll be making photos of them too.

space invader

I walked along Wibautstraat to near Waterlooplein, where in Nieuwe Amstelstraat I saw the cartoon character Heinz in a window display, both in 'real life' and in a picture frame… It reminded me of the Droste effect.

heinz in faux droste effect

Crossing Blauwbrug into Amstelstraat I saw that the folks at Stivale d'Oro are away on holidays. The restaurant is being rebuilt/renovated/ruined. When they open again I'll visit to see what's been happening.

stivale d'oro renovation

Kalverstraat was busy as usual. When I'm walking and I'm up to a comfortable speed, streets like Kalverstraat are a disaster; you have to stop/start every few seconds. I much prefer to keep walking at a steady pace.


I turned left into Heiligeweg to see if the English Hatter was still there. They were. This is one of the last "gentleman's outfitters" in Amsterdam. Here you can buy hats, ties and non-fashionable brand name clothes. I used to buy my flat caps here years ago. Now I wear baseball caps that they give away at high-energy experiments.

the english hatter, a gentleman's outfitter

I turned right on to Spui and got three books at the ABC. I had hit the 'just over 3 km' mark and it was time for my feet to start to hurt. I walked to Mulligans via the old Binnen Gasthuis route so I could sit down for a few minutes, use the toilet and drink a coke. Gareth was working and explained to a Dutch couple sitting at the bar that when he talks English to his Dutch girlfriend's Scottish aunt nobody understands anybody anymore. His explanation was crystal clear, probably because he spoke Dutch.


After the Mulligans pit stop I walked along the Amstel to Blauwbrug. Looking north you could see the rain clouds and dark sky.

blauwbrug looking north...

Looking south the weather was perfectly nice. Fluffy clouds and lots of blue sky. The Blauwbrug must have been on the border between the two weather systems.

...and looking south

I walked to and through Artis, where the lions were just having lunch.


At the giraffe enclosure I saw one the giraffes lying down. I didn't know they did that. I thought they'd even sleep standing up. The little fellow was following the big one like he was stuck to her.

lying down

I walked home though Oosterpark. As I said earlier, my feet started to hurt at the 3 km mark. This is pretty consistent. In one way it is nice to have a built-in distance meter, on the other hand I wished it didn't hurt. I slogged out the rest of trip which in total was about 7.5 km.


Marion said...

Hmm.. I thought I told you giraffes don't lay down to sleep. That it's a myth they sleep standing up. Maybe I should have used the word hoax to get your attention on that point *lol*

The one lying down is Asali, the male, in the back you see Adam "attached" to his mum Iwana :D

Vincent said...

I bought my nice gentleman shoes at Van Lier on the Heiligeweg. Very nice shoes. Quality shows there.

The Kalverstraat stinks. I don't like it. Too many people.

Eventually we'll come for a holiday and we WILL eat at Stivale d'oro.

If you have a keen eye for space invaders, you'll notice them everywhere.

Nicole said...

There are a few space invaders around Amsterdam.

Corner of Van Wou and Albert Cuyp next to the billboard.

Corner of Nieuwe Spiegelstraat and Herengracht.

Corner of Spiegelgracht and Nieuwespiegelstraat.

I may have spotted another somewhere on a bridge but I can't remember. It's all a bit of an art project:

Interesting stuff going on at Stivalo! I'm curious as to how it's going to turn out!

Juf Jo said...

Sadly the school across from my house is no longer a school but some sort of halfway house for people who need help for some sort of reason, its a 'passantenhotel'.
As long as they dont keep their windows open when watching their tvs too loud, I dont mind them being there although I would prefer the building to be a school again, after all thats what it was build for and thats what it says on the front!
Also, this school is a little bit famous in the literary worldas its the school where writer Theo Thijssen worked.

As for thos space invaders, I hate them.
Ruining lovely monuments like the one on your photo.
I have also seen them on ugly buildings and then I dont mind as much but in the end they are just a kind of graffiti and should be removed.
Is it legal for a civilian to remove them?

And, suprise suprise, I love the English hatter.
You should go back to wearing proper hats, you dont even play baseball.

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