Sunday, 6 July 2008

now means 'right now'!

One of the things I have to learn —and those around me as well— is to be more strict in what I eat and when I eat. Saturday's plan had originally called for me to go with Juf Jo to the Aviodrome in Lelystad where there was an old-timer drive- and fly-in. I looked at Juf Jo's time table and saw that all traveling times would interfere with my food- and mandatory medication intake. There was also a 70% chance of rain. I cancelled and stayed home.

Jud had flown in from Seattle and wanted to meet. He also brought some stuff with him for Collins, so we were all going to meet around 17:00 at the St. James' Gate. Jud had booked a table at Blauw aan de Amstel (an up-scale eatery) and had asked me if I wanted to join him for dinner. I declined since a) I find Blauw too expensive for what they offer and b) it would be too late for me to eat when I also have to take my medication with food at a set time.

Danny wanted to know if I was going to Mulligans and I suggested meeting at 17:00 with the others, going for a meal together around 17:30 and then on to Mulligans. She agreed.

So around 15:45 I started walking into town. First stop was Weesperplein and the sky already started to look very, very cloudy.


I crossed the Hoge Sluis where the water was still spraying on the bridge to cool it down.

hoge sluis

Into Utrechtsestraat where again people can't seem to think of others. One of these days I will not walk around but over a parked bicycle such as this one.

anti-social parking

It was still early, so I walked to Kalvertoren where I wanted to look at new earphones for my iPod. The Dixons shop there has Apple earphones on display in the showcases, but other brands are hung in blisters behind the counter. I can't see from there what they are, how much they cost and since there were 10 people waiting to be served by only one assistant I couldn't be bothered and will probably buy the ones I want from an on-line shop for half the price.


I walked back to Rembrandtplein, past the Febo.


At 17:10 both Jud and Collins showed up at the terrace of St. James' Gate. Danny sent me an sms saying she would be late since the rain had just started to pour down.

At 18:00 she still wasn't there and I started to get really hungry. It was already past the time to take my medication which you have to take either with or immediately after your meal. I was getting really anxious and grumpy, which made Collins decide I needed to eat something so he ordered bitterballen.

Danny finally arrived and we shot off to the Smulewicz. We got there at 18:45 and since meals have to be prepared I didn't get to take my pill until about 19:30, two hours after the scheduled time. For starters we had the 'tapas': olives, mushrooms and almonds. Almonds are nice, but also jampacked with calories. The main course was a Mexican Salad with chicken.

After dinner we went to Mulligans where Jimmy Ellis, Victor Lacken and Max van Gelder were playing. I took one whiskey which hit me in completely the wrong way. The late food and medication intake had thrown my body off balance and I wasn't feeling too well.

Shortly after the band had started to play I decided to call it a day and go home. Danny agreed and we walked out where we bumped into Collins, Anna and her BF Barry who was over from Ireland.

anna with fluorescent green umbrella

We talked outside for a while and then I went home. I was in bed around 23:30 feeling bloody awful.

When you're on a diet you don't want to eat high-caloric food and when you're taking timed medication you want to take it in time. I failed to do both. I cancelled Juf Jo's outing to the Aviodrome because I wanted to be able to do things by the book. In the end I never did and paid for it.

Moral of the story? Next time when I say I have to eat now, I have to eat now! I will not wait if you're late. Be there in time. I've had to learn it the hard way.


Vincent said...

Hmm, yeah, it's not nice when people show up late for food but sometimes there is a good reason. Cycling through the rain sucks major dogs balls too. But indeed you should've grabbed a bite instead of waiting. Everybody would've understand. I would probably have done it even if I wasn't on medication. I don't like late dinners that much.

Nicole said...

I used to get very frustrated while walking along the Utrechtsestraat because the "footpath" (if I can call it that) was already too narrow, on a slant and then people would always put their bike right across it. I have wanted to kick the bike onto the street many a time.

The medication thing can get really tricky when going out or travelling. Flying to Australia was a bit of a nightmare. I had printed a whole world clock of all the places along the way and what time to take the pills locally and then once I got here I weaned my system by taking them half an hour earlier every three days so that I am back to the mornings again.

You always take beautiful photos. They make me happy.

s g collins said...

perfect picture of the asociaal fietsparkeren. what we should do is print up a bunch of emergency-yellow stickers marked "ASOFIETS" and start nonchalantly marking rudely parked bikes. it will be harder to mark the ruder cyclists while they are in motion.

about the scheduling, yes i reiterate, you must take care of yourself and not worry about what was *supposed* to happen.

i recently encountered a situation which actually set a positive example, but might not work in fancy restaurants ... dining in shifts. eat when you show. i went to the local "chinese" restaurant with pani, and we ate when we were hungry. then marinka got off work and came and ate "with" us, having her meal after we'd finished. then jk came and ate with us too. the net result was as if two different couples had eaten consecutively at the same table. worked out fine cuz the place wasn't too crowded we just had to suspend our communal timetable habit. but it worked out fine.
s g collins