Sunday, 13 July 2008

on the brink

Marion had the idea, Danny bought the traintickets and I brought the camera. We went to the Irish Music Festival in Deventer today. We left from Central Station at 10:57.

marion and danny knitting in public transport (kipt)

After arriving in Deventer around lunch time, we walked to the Brink, the large market square in the town centre.

the ladies on the brink; statue on the left is of Queen Wilhelmina

We sat down on one of the many terraces and had lunch. The ciabattas were nice and so was the view on the old weigh house which now houses the tourist information and a small history museum.

weigh house on the brink

After lunch we walked in the direction of the Grote Kerkhof where the festival was. We walked past the toy museum ...

toy museum

... and the old municipal bank which is now a pancake restaurant.

pancake bank

Arriving on the Grote Kerkhof we saw the organizers cum musicians. They had already started on the beer.

mark gilligan, darran byrne and danny guinan

We found a place to sit on the large terrace right oppsite the tiny stage where the Elastic Band was playing.

dominic crosby, max van gelder, siard de jong and barry teehan

The fashion trends in these eastern cities and towns are completely different to the ones you see in Amsterdam. Lots of young women dressing goth and some people wearing stuff you wouldn't find in Amsterdam. Actually you shouldn't find it anywhere.

crocheting fashion fail

The Grote Kerk is a pretty impressive building with lots of stone decoration.

grote kerk

Mark and Danny were playing to an audience which on this photo is made up of their kids, their friends' kids and some random kids that happened to be there.

family oriented music

They were giving it the old school try and it worked. The audience loved it.


The crowd was in a good mood. Lots of singing along, clapping of hands and applause.

a good crowd

For dinner we went to a Kurdish restauran that Mark had told us about. The free starter was a spicy lentil soup with lemon. Very good. All three of us then had a salad. Danny and I had the salad with with beef and shrimp; Marion had a vegetarian salad with goat cheese. Side dishes were fries and flatbread with sesame seeds and a yoghurt dip. All together a very nice meal.

kurdish restaurant 'safak'

At 19:38 we took the train back to Amsterdam where we arrived just after 21:00.

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Nicole said...

Great day out! Always super to see familiar faces. Deventer looks lovely too. Some beautiful old buildings.

Vincent said...

Deventer is a beautiful city. Well, the centre is. Must've been quite rich during the golden age. The festival looks nice too. I'm not sure if I could endure a whole afternoon of session music though ;-)

Nice to see familiar faces again, too.

Anonymous said...

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