Sunday, 6 July 2008

operation diversion

Today was Henryk's 60th birthday. His son Marcin wanted to give him a big surprise party with all his friends and family. A picknick in the Oosterpark was called for. Only, Henryk had to be distracted and kept away from all the preparations. Operation Diversion was put into play.

Collins and Micheline met with Henryk on the Maxwell terrace to ask Henryk's artistic views on Micheline's new dance project. Henryk came up with multiple ideas, not copping onto the fact that Michelines project was called 'Diversion'.

operation diversion; collins, henryk and micheline

In the mean time the Oosterpark was rebuilt with party balloons.

improving the park's look

More than 30 people all showed up at the requested time, including Henryk's son Pierre and daughter Helene Eliza from France with their SOs.

over 30 people showed up; djordje wearing yellow shoes

At about 14:20 the diversion team showed up with Henryk. He thought they were going to the park to look at some of Micheline's dance moves. Below you can see him starting to recognize some people.

henryk's WTF!?! moment; his son marcin in white.

Henryk was completely blown away with the presents he got. We'd all put money in the bag and Marcin bought Henryk a new luxury 'CEO'-type office chair which Henryk needs for his back. After paying for the chair there was enough money left to present Henryk with a voucher for a long weekend in a European city for two. Henryk immediately invited all the women present and said they had to fight amongst themselves who was going…

Anna and BF Baz showed up a little late. Anna had to visit the first aid department in the hospital first; an allergic reaction had caused her lips to grow bigger than Mr. T's. The doctors thought it serious enough to rush her in before other waiting people. They gave her an injection which brought the swelling down a lot. Barry has some great before and after shots… I wonder if she's not just allergic to Baz' snogging.

anna explaining why barry gave her a fat lip

This being a crowd of predominantly film makers, photographers and artists, everybody had a camera. Everybody was using it as well. A gazillion photos were taken.

making photos, barry snuggling up to anna

Despite all the food and drink available, someone had thought to bring their own biscuit and wasn't sharing.

a bicycle with an extremely large biscuit

Micheline, who is a professional choreographer, said that Henryk had given such good ideas on the diversion project that she was actually thinking of doing it for real.

collins explaining the size of things to micheline and daniel

After standing on my feet for about three and a half hours and trying to sit on the ground for about 5 minutes, I needed to sit on a proper seat. I left the party at about 16:30 and went home. I was two minutes from home when it started raining… Perfect timing.

A picknick in the park can be so much nicer when you're not on a diet. I had two glasses of Spa Blue, an apple and four cashew nuts. Party time!


Oscar said...

That's really cool when such diversions just work out and the surprise is true and blue. More often then not these things don't work out perfectly. So, chapeau! to the diversion division. :)

s g collins said...

hi nice to see the pictures. henryk's french daughter is actually named eliza, another budding filmmaker. helena is the polish lady who seems to be henryk's girlfriend lately.

Nicole said...

Great photos! It's so much fun to see everyone!

Nicole said...

I think Anna has angioneurotic oedema. She needs to have anti-histamines on hand in case she has more attacks.