Friday, 11 July 2008

Peace, Love & Patat

Walking to work this morning I noticed the second coming of the jesus phone is here too. Later in the day I heard that the T-mobile shops each had between 12 and 19 phones for sale. Only the flagship shop in Rotterdam had 550 phones. I'm sure Apple's stock will go up a few points with such massive sales.

jesus phone

I walked along Nobelweg, through Jeruzalem and down the Kruislaan. Jeruzalem is an interesting neighbourhood; mostly 1950s, but with different architectural styles. Not boring at all.


I spent the day at work researching video hardware for our lecture hall and putting some press releases on-line on the website.

After work I decided to walk the length of Kruislaan. Usually I turn right onto Maxwellstraat near the end, but this time I walked straight on, through the bicycle tunnel under Gooiseweg and to the very end at the Weespertrekvaart. The Kruislaan between tunnel and canal is bordered by sports fields. The footpath is hardly used as you can see from the grass overgrowing it. It was also pissing down with rain.

the grass is always greener on the footpath

I must have walked the distance to the Rembrandt Tower twice, zigzagging as I did to avoid stepping in the dogshit. There's a nice grassy bank between the footpath and the canal, but obviously dog owners here can't be bothered to tell their dogs to shit in the grass or clean up after them. Maybe they think the rain will wash it away for them, but it only makes the turds soggy.

weesperzijde shit path

I walked past these geese who were grazing the grass. They were very peaceful when I walked past them, but the moment I stopped to take a photo they became agressive. When I walked on they calmed down again.


At the end of the Weespertrekvaart I walked to Omval where they've been building very expensive apartments in the last few years. These round flats are nice to look at, but I wonder how you're going to put carpet or bookcases in a room with curving walls. You probably don't have any money left to buy furniture after buying one of these apartments anyway.

omval round houses

I crossed over the Berlagebrug since I wanted to walk the other bank of the Amstel for a change.

berlagebrug looking towards the city centre

The footpath on the west bank is somewhere between very small and non-existant. I had to walk on the bicycle path most of the time. The foliage between the bicycle path and the boats is so thick that most of the time you can't see what's behind it. Sometimes you can, though, and then you see this:


I crossed back to the east-side (by this time the rain had stopped) and walked along Oosterparkstraat to Beukenplein where I wanted to eat a pizza at the Ferrara. I had just walked in and was chugging down a bottle of Cola Light when Firkit (Ferrara's owner) and I heard a mighty racket outside so we went for a look-see. It was a Surinam Brass Band; probably the only one that has not been arrested yet for cocaine smuggling. Good music and lots of fun.

surinam brass band

When I walked home after dinner I heard Rock-a-billy music coming from the Turkish supermarket. A band named 'Peace, Love & Patat' was playing. Other people were shooting video and recording the gig with semi-pro equipment, so it probably was for a music video.

'peace, love & patat' on bongos, washboard & broomstick-bass

The weather had improved a lot when I got home. The clouds were moving out and more and more blue sky was visible.

blue skies


Vincent said...

Tjemig, jij loopt behoorlijke stukken zeg. Die ronde apartementen zijn minder rond dan je denkt. En daar waar ze wél rond zijn is de straal zo groot dat je niet veel ruimte verliest als je er iets vlaks tegen aan zet.

Die foro van die ganzen is heel leuk en mooi. Het is net of je achter na gezeten wordt door bolletjes wol :-)

Kees said...

@Vincent: 5 tot 7 km per dag. Ik moet wel om de kilos er af te krijgen.

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