Wednesday, 2 July 2008

reformatting harddisks

This morning (tuesday) I walked along Populierenweg to the Muiderpoort Station. This is the street where all buildings are painted condom-pink. If they painted every block of flats a different colour it would look much nicer.


Crossing Linnaeusstraat I looked back at the Wibra store and thought what a pity it is that such a crummy store is in such a lovely building.

wibra castle

At work I spent most of the day with colleagues T and P thinking up ways to thwart the botnet owners. At the end we installed an IDS (intrusion detection system) and now we'll have to see what results that will give us.

Leaving work I walked along the MacGillavrylaan where they had broken open the pavement they'd put in only weeks ago. It looks like they're putting more fibre into the ground. Why they didn't do this when there wasn't a pavement I can only guess. It did mean I had to risk my live again walking on the road where car drivers still think they're on a race track.

road works

I walked to to and through the Oosterpark where there were a lot of Surinamese people around. During the day there had been a ceremony, attended by Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen and Dutch Prime Minister J.P. Balkenende, to commemorate the abolishment of slavery. Representatives of ex-slave holding parts of the Kingdom placed wreaths at the National Slavery Monument.

national slavery monument

I had dinner at the Ferrara, where instead of Italian I had a Turkish meal: Guvec. This is a stew of lamb, potato, aubergine, tomato and garlic. Very tasty. After dinner friend J picked me up to go to the range in Hoofddorp where we had to reformat some troublesome harddisks.

the 50m rifle range

Reformatting was done by .223, .357 magnum, .45ACP, and .44 magnum.

.223 in a Beretta M70

The results of the reformatting operation are plain to see.

a sideways hit

J only had two disks, but fellow shooter from England J(2) had brought six more from work. These had to be reformatted to specifications layed down in some strange US anti-fraud law. J(2) thought that nobody at his place of work would disagree with him about the effectiveness of this type of reformatting…


Juf Jo said...

I always wonder why the slavery monument is mostly 'claimed' by surinam people.
Sometimes it feels as if they were the only people who suffered from slavery and 'us white people' were the only ones owning slaves.
A surinam woman sort of told me this when I stood at the monument.
I had to explain to her we didnt invent slavery and that it had been around for ever and that the evil Romans enslaved 'my people' and that in Suriname there were even surinam people who owned slaves.
Oh history is such a interesting subject to discuss.
Oh well, its a ugly monument as well.

Good shooting by the way, if I (ever) get my new computer, can I murder this old laptop at your shooting range?

Kees said...

@Juf Jo: and let's not forget that the slaves brought to America were bought from their fellow Africans… But the monument is there to commemorate the abolishment of slavery, not its existence.

I'm afraid I can't let you shoot your laptop (it's the law) but when it's needed I'll gladly put your laptop out off its misery.

Vincent said...

I think you'd be surprised how much data can be recovered from those drives still :-)

Kees said...

@Vincent: I know data can be recovered, but this is exceeding J(2)'s destruction manual which called for hitting the disks with a sledge hammer. I think this works better and with less effort :-) It's also more fun.

Juf Jo said...

So at the slavery monument there should actually be lots of surinam people partying and thanking our white ancestors?
Sounds like fun.
Anyway, lets also not forget the Dutch were just about the last to abolish slavery, now thats naughty!

And erm how long will I have to be a member of the gun club before I can shoot with the big guns at the small laptops? ;)