Sunday, 20 July 2008

three wet monkeys

The weather was fine, so after breakfast I went for my morning walk. I had no idea where to to go to, so I just started walking towards the Oosterpark. Once I got there, I walked on towards Sarphatistraat. I had to cross the bridge over the Mauritskade/Singelgracht.


I walked through Sarphatistraat and turned right on Roeterstraat. The corner building is an office of the University of Amsterdam. It has coloured lights around its doors. I think it would look good at night.

pillars of light

Once I got past the main UvA buildings the sky started to look grey. I was also in need of coffee since I hadn't had my cuppa yet. Artis seemed to be a good bet for coffee at this time of day. All the cafes I had seen so far were closed.

clouds over UvA

Coming to the corner of Nieuwe Kerkstraat the skies were really darkening. I like the little tower room on top of the corner building and I wonder what you could use it for.

tower room

The little Japanese restaurant on Plantage Kerklaan had a bunch of maneki neko, good luck cats, in the window. The first drops had started to fall and I hurried on to Artis.


Just when I walked in, the rain started. The camels didn't like it one bit. They fled into their stables immediately. Sensible; only crazy visitors such as I stayed out in the rain.

i walked two miles for a wet camel

Animals of all sorts were looking for shelter. The monkeys were hiding and shivering under the overhang of the monkey rock.

wrong pose for 三匹の猿

I wanted to wait for the worst of the rain to pass in the reptilian's house, but it was so warm and damp there that I only walked through and came out on the other side, by which time the rain had stopped mostly. I went on to the Two Cheetas restaurant and had my caffeine fix. The birds on the African Savannah could use some caffeine too; they were all still asleep.

reflections of sleep

I left Artis via the side exit by the aquarium and walked home via Mauritskade, where I saw the biggest house number I've ever seen.


Through Oosterpark and Beukenplein (where the Maxwell was still closed) and back home.


Vincent said...

"Monkeys" maybe? (see title)

Kees said...

oops, changed.