Sunday, 27 July 2008

a trip to Delft

I came home late yesterday and didn't feel like doing the blog anymore. I went to Delft on the invitation of Juf Jo. She wanted to visit an old-fashioned shop which is now a museum and have a walk-around in Delft. She was joined by a neo-nostalgist friend called Mark. First to-do item was coffee since I hadn't had any that morning.

juf jo and mark

We sat down on a terrace next to the 'Oude Jan', the Old Church. After the coffee we walked into town where there was a combination flea market / antiques market. Apparantly it is held every saturday until the end of September. The quality of the wares for sale was much higher than on the Waterlooplein flea market in Amsterdam. Lots of Delft Blue as well.

Delft being one of the tourist traps attractions in the Netherlands I had to make some touristy photos.

the new church, step gable and seagull

After the market we went to Kouwenhoven, the nostalgic museum shop. Here they sell old-fashioned types of candy, soap, broom handles and the like. The shop used to be someplace else in Delft, but the council bought the interior and rebuilt it next to the Prinsenhof museum. The only thing I didn't like about it was that the sales staff wasn't dressed in period clothes. It would fit the atmosphere much better. Luckily I had brought some customers in period dress.

I'll have some soap and lots of candy, please!

After Kouwenhoven we walked around some more. Near the Market square we found an antiques shop that looked good as a backdrop for a nostalgic photo.

for all your cloggy needs

Walking around with people such as Juf Jo and Mark you're not the only one making photos. Everybody made compliments on their clothing and wanted to make photos. I wasn't dressed in period clothes, so only Juf Jo wanted to make a photo of me. She suggested the following back drop.

she wanted to see the world; he installed google earth

The last visit we made in Delft was the Army museum. It had been some seven years since I was there last and the permanent exhibition hadn't changed much. The building is much too small for the collection, so the museum is about to merge with the Airforce museum and change location to Soesterberg where they'll get much more room. I think I'll go visit them again after the move.

By this time it was past 17:00 and we got on the train back to Amsterdam. The whole day the weather had been fine despite the warning of the Meteo Office of thunderstorms. When the train passed Leiden it started to rain softly and by the time I got to Sloterdijk Station it was pouring down with lightning flashing everywhere.

Jon was organizing a daquiri garden party tonight and all this rain wasn't going to help. Thankfully, the rain stopped about half an hour after I arrived at Jon's house and we could sit in the garden after drying the chairs.

dry chairs

There were lots of friends at the party. Jon's daquiris are known to be lethal, so when Mic offered one to his wife Micky he was looking in anticipation and she in disbelief.

you want me to drink what?

Around 22:30 it started to rain again so the party moved inside. I left around 23:00; I was tired of running around in Delft the whole day and wanted to put my feet up.


Juf Jo said...

Great report, great day!
I cant wait to see what happened to the photos we took with the old cameras.
Delft is lovely, lets visit it more often.

Nicole said...

Wonderful day! I'm sad I missed Jon's party. Mic looks like he already had a few daquiris (I can never spell that word) in that photo.

Vincent said...

Very nice photo's. Joeri and the bloke look great, esp. in that setting.

How nice that you guys have dakariblah parties. You are lucky. I miss those outings a lot... the price you have to pay for change to other nice things.

When Nic and I eventually come over on holiday Jon MUST organize one for us hehe. Were there other people making photo's?

Kees said...

@vincent: no, I was the only one with a camera.

Juf Jo said...

Kees, can I put your photos in my photoarchive?
With mentioning your name or site or whatever you like of course.