Wednesday, 9 July 2008

the walk and the wok

After breakfast this morning I needed to do today's shopping. Most of the stuff I needed could be bought from AH, but I don't like AH's bread. My baker is still in Turkey, so I decided to walk to Hartog's whole-meal bakery on Wibautstraat. I bought a six-grains bread (which tasted very good) and walked back home; a round trip of 2 km. I then did the rest of the shopping at AH where, amongst others, I bought some Thai green curry paste. When I put it in the cupboard I saw that I already had a jar of green curry paste. I should've bought the red paste. Dôh…

qeueing at hartog's bakery

I marinated the chicken I had bought at AH. First I cut the two fillets in strips. I then made a marinade of Thai fish sauce, Japanese soy sauce, garlic, chillies and laos (aka galangal). I mixed the whole lot and stuck it in the fridge.

Since the forecast was rain in the late afternoon I took my second walk of the day after lunch. I walked to the Weesperzijde, along the Amstel. Some of the little gardens people have next to their house boats are fun to look at. What would you do with your boat if it was leaking?


I continued on Weesperzijde behind Amstel Station. The footpath along the river is nice and wide there. The nearer you get to the office blocks, the more people in three-piece suits you see sitting on the benches smoking a cigarette.


I walked past the Rembrandt tower so I could get a good close-up look at it. The bicycle path leading to the tower is still called Weesperzijde.

rembrandt tower

I walked throught the railway tunnel and walked past Café 'de Omval' (the little white building on the left-hand side). There was a playground for little kids and a skateboard set-up for the bigger kids. This is still called Weesperzijde. I never knew Weesperzijde went that far.


I went down from the dike which runs along the Weespertrekvaart and ended up on ... Weesperzijde. It does stop here, though. The end of the street in this photo is also the end of Weesperzijde.

still weesperzijde

I turned left into Celciusstraat, and saw that somebody had liberated an old fire/police alarmpost. When not many people had telephones this system allowed you to contact the police or firebrigade. You would break the glass (police one side, firebrigade the other side), hit the button and the flash light on top would light up. An alarm would sound at the police- or fire station and hopefully somebody would show up.


I walked through Amsteldorp, as the neighbourhood is called, and finally wound my way back to Nobelweg, where I walked past Frankendael and back home. The whole walk was just over 5 km. Again the feeling my right foot was falling asleep started after about 3.5 km. I have to go back to my GP in 10 days to hear the result of the X-rays; I hope by that time he knows what the problem is.

I started the preparations for the woksperiment. First I cleaned and cut the shiitake shrooms. I just love these mushrooms, they have a texture and taste that I can't get enough of.


I cooked the noodles...


...and fired up the wok. I heated two table-spoons of peanut oil (this is the original diesel fuel!) and then I chucked the marinated chicken in and seared the meat. Then I threw in the shiitake...

chicken and shrooms

...followed by plonking in the pre-cut AH Thai veggies and a handful of cashew nuts.

veggies and cashews

After tossing the mix around I added three table-spoons of green curry and a bit of water. This I let simmer for a while until I judged the sauce was at the right thickness. I poured the contents of the wok into a waiting pan and then fried the noodles (which had cooled off by this time) in the wok. Throw the lot on a plate and bon appetit.

the result; presentation was never my strong point…

The result was good, but not as good as I remembered from making it years ago. I've lost the touch a bit. No doubt it'll get back when I start doing it more often.

for the freezer

After washing up I made two portions of the left-overs of about 400 g each to put in the freezer. This will give me something to eat next week. I'll only have to cook the noodles then and nuke the curry.


Oscar said...

I wonder how Weesperzijde measures up to De Laan van Meerdervoort in The Hague in length. I'll fire up Google Earth for this later today.

The food sure looks good, I'm building up an appetite at 8:41am

Vincent said...

Ziet er goed uit kokkie! Leuk buurtje, waar de weesperzijde eindigt.

Nicole said...

It's great to see you cooking Kees. Good idea to freeze some for when you don't feel like cooking during the week.