Saturday, 19 July 2008

walk on!

The rain was coming down all day. I just went out the door to get the weekend's shopping in and to walk around the corner to the hardware shop to buy new hinges for the toilet seat. One of the hinges broke when I sat down this morning, but after 20 years of obese abuse that can be forgiven.


After dinner the sky cleared and I went walk-about.

blue sky

I walked down the Krugerplein and into Joubertstraat. I hadn't been there in a long time and they'd really cleaned up the place. Some of the buildings reminded me of Swiss chalets.

chalet-like building

I walked towards the Wibautstraat Metro station where —when I stopped to look at the scenery— I was immediately surrounded by pigeons. They must've thought I was going to feed them.


I crossed Wibautstraat and walked to Weesperzijde. There's a building there next to the mosque which looks like it should be in a Mediteranean city.

club med

The statues supporting the balcony look down in a disapproving way to passers-by.

get lost, walk on!

Further down the street they had painted the staircase of an otherwise unassuming building in pastel colours. It made for a nice break in the mostly subdued colours of the buildings there. It would be even nicer if they gave it a new coat of paint to get rid of the graffiti.


I walked back throught Oosterparkstraat and by now the sun was out in full force.


Further walking was out of the question since a) my right foot started to hurt and b) I had forgotten to take my dinner pill, so I went straight home.

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Vincent said...

I love that chalet type house. Really nice.