Monday, 7 July 2008

way to work, wait to wok

The weather here in Amsterdam is very unstable this week; one moment you have sunshine, the next it's pouring down. I suppose it is a bit like an Australian winter.

I walked towards Muiderpoort Station thinking of walking all the way to work, but it started to look like rain so I took the bus for the last part.

The 10:00 coffee break saw cake for everyone. Management has decided to give a 'communication' speech every month with coffee and cake. I didn't take any cake, but I was mentioned in the speech as having done something nice.

cakes and speeches

Leaving work I walked into Molukkenstraat where there's a building site. They haven't even put one brick on top of the other yet but every house has been sold already.

molukkenstraat building site

The area between Molukkenstraat and the railway dike has been completely renovated in the last decade. Friendly streets with little parking place for cars, but lots of playing grounds for kids. Lots of little parks as well, even though the green stuff is reasonably new and still has a lot of growing to do.

a sieve for children

I found a tunnel going under the railway dike and ended up on Polderweg. The Verheij sports hall is either being renovated or taken down; I don't know which. Presently it looks like a flying saucer has crashed here.

crashed flying saucer

At the end of Polderweg, on the corner of Linnaeusstraat, is a high-rise building. The clouds were being reflected in the glass panels they've fitted a while ago to the galleries.

glass clouds

I walked through Pretoriusstraat towards Krugerplein. The sky was getting darker and darker.


When I got to Krugerplein it looked like rain. It stayed dry though. I walked into the AH to do some dinner shopping.


A remark by Renate about the stir-fry meals I used to make years ago made me look on the 'exotic' foods shelve. There's actually quite a variety of Japanese and Thai stuff there, so I had to be fast in buying some before they take it away never to be sold here again.

appie's exotic corner

I got some stuff and then realized that fixing the meal would take too long; marinating the meat and cooking the rice would take me past my pill time. I bought a ready-made meal instead and will do the wok business on wednesday. If I start to like cooking again I might study on fixing a risotto one of these days.


Nicole said...

You don't have to marinate meat for long Kees. Have a go at a really quick stir-fry. I recall that I could buy serves of pre-cooked rice at AH, possibly from Lassie or so. It's a 30-seconds in the microwave type thing that comes in a cup-like container and you just heat it up. It's perfect for a quick meal and you don't have to cook the rice on the stove. So that takes care of the rice component.

For the meat you can buy chicken or beef strips already cut. That takes care of chopping.

In the fridge you can also find ready bags of stir-fry vegetables, chopped for your convenience. You get a nice mix and already cut up for you.

The only thing you'll need to get now is some Thai Fish Sauce (don't be scared of this, it's an excellent and important flavouring in Thai food. I have a bottle in the fridge at all times). Also, get yourself some red Thai curry paste and a bottle of soy sauce. I'd stay away from ketjap manis as it's full of sugar.

The fish sauce, soy sauce and curry paste are keep in the fridge ingredients. You can also buy loads of 30-second rice for the microwave and keep this in the pantry. All you'll have to buy on your way home is meat strips and stir fry vegetables.

When you get home open the meat strip packet, put it in a bowl or on a plate and splash on about a tablespoon of fish sauce, coat the meat well and fire up the wok.

Add a bit of oil to the wok and a good spoon-full of Thai red curry paste, stir it around and throw in the meat strips, fry a few minutes on very high heat, throw in the vegetables and stir-fry until you're happy with it, add a splash of soy and maybe a half a cup of water if you want it less dry and that's it. Nuke the rice for 30 seconds and serve with the stir-fry. It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to prepare. Seriously.

Nicole said...

What kind of cool camera setting did you use today. I like all the surreal colours in the pictures. (Or is it just me?)

Kees said...

Ready cut meat costs twice as much as a nice filleted piece of the same weight. The quality of the fillet is better, too. I did use the bags of stir-fry veggies in the past, nothing wrong with that. I like to add some more to it, though. Things like shiitake mushrooms, chilli peppers etc. That needs washing, cleaning and cutting.

I've got a bottle of Nam Plaa fish sauce; I've always liked the taste of it :-) Also the red curry paste. Green paste is also in the cupboard as is hoisin sauce.

The microwave rice is out. When I eat rice now it has got to be brown rice or whole wheat noodles; it has more fibre and less carb. This takes time to prepare.

I always liked to marinade my meat in soy sauce, ginger, garlic and whatever spice I fancied at that moment. That takes 30 minutes to an hour to marinade in the fridge. I even went as far as letting it marinade overnight sometimes. This really tenderizes the meat and gives it more flavour.

The thing is: I know how to wok. I haven't done it in a few years, but I used to excel at it; just ask Renate…

Kees said...

No camera setting. I used photoshop in the Shadow/Highlight mode. About 10% shadow and 30-40% highlight will give you these psycedelic faux HDR colours. Giving it more highlight brings out the contrast between clouds and sky more.

So don't worry, your eyeballs were not melting :-)

Vincent said...

Een beetje foto's zitten op te leuken he.... ;-P

Misschien een lekkere toevoeging voor je wok experiement: Cashews. Ongezouten.

Ik ben benieuwd naar het blog van morgen, succes :-)

Kees said...

@vincent: de cashews had ik ook al gekocht...l