Thursday, 10 July 2008

wet, wet, wet

The weather was lousy this morning. It started raining when I walked to Muiderpoort Station. At Steve Bikoplein I saw this 'bakfiets' (transport bike). They're becoming really popular lately. The whole neighbourhood is full of them. This must be a sign of gentryfication of the 'hood, since these bikes are used predominantly by yuppie parents to ferry their brood around.


I walked along the railway and saw that the ISS-boys were busy cutting the hedges on top of the railway dike. Why their van has "facility services" on it I don't know. I would have called it "gardening services", but maybe they do more than just gardening.

iss facility services

At Muiderpoort I saw the gates were open on both sides of the tunnel. I walked through the gates and found that —contrary to the ones at work— these were wide enough to walk through. Maybe these gates were not made to an international standard.

muiderpoort station gates

Since it had started to rain harder, I took the #40 bus to work. Most people did; only the odd cyclist dared to brave the wind and rain.

the tree at anna's hoeve with brave, wet cyclist

I spent most of the day doing little updates to the website and trying out poster designs. In the afternoon colleague Oscar dropped in to brainstorm about video conferencing possibilities in our small lecture room. We're thinking of dual-purposing hardware for different video applications. More research is needed.

gooiseweg underpass

The weather sucking even more than in the morning, I took the #40 towards Amstel Station and got off at Fizeaustraat. I walked through the little opposite-the-Amstel-Station neighbourhood, under the Gooiseweg, turned left at Nobelstraat and straight home. Drenched. Soaked. Wet to the skin. My British Army battle smock is obviously not waterproof, something you'd expect from Army stuff that has to work in British weather.

I got a salmon and dill salad at AH. Nice, but not as good as their beef teriyaki.

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