Wednesday, 30 July 2008

what the elephant saw

High temperatures today and I spent most of the time on the sofa. In the afternoon I went for a walk to the Zoo, but first a shot I made last night at the range in Hoofddorp. It was a home-made T-shirt owned by the secretary of the club. I think it would fit Nicole's colleague well…

t-shirt, bollox

I walked through 's-Gravesandestraat, past the Oosterpark.


On Roeterstraat there were still students gathering near the UvA buildings. I'd thought they would all be on vacation.

uva roeterstraat

In Artis the turtle was 'running' for the shade. It was almost tropically hot; well over 28°C.


Lemurland has opened; it is a 'semi-open' enclosure. You can walk in, but the lemurs can't walk out. Sometimes they come really close by and sit still. Even though there's a big sign at the entrance to Lemurland that says 'DO NOT TOUCH THE ANIMALS', people still do. Maybe they ought to have literacy tests at the entrance.

A little time after I had chased away the people who tried to pet the lemurs and made flash photos straight into their eyes, the lemurs had calmed down enough to start on their food again and ignore me. Until there was some loud noise outside the enclosure which startled them into making an unholy racket. That also took a while to stop.

red ruffed lemur (varecia rubra)

When I walked by the elephants they were nowhere to be seen and the door to their enclosure was open. I took a look inside and made a photo of what the elephants normally see.

elephant's view

I sat and read a book for a while in the Japanese stone garden and then walked home through Ooosterpark. Dinner was a teriyaki beef salad and fruit.


Vincent said...

I absolutely LOVE that T-shirt man. The animals are also beautiful.

LOL, I just figured out that the lemur actually does not have a large fang. All the time I was wondering who on earth lets people walk amongst those fangs. I just saw it's a piece of leaf. Funny.

Kees said...

Actually, it is a fang. Just look at the other photos in the series or look at a close-up in Flickr.