Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I thought of walking to Muiderpoort Station, but, since the weather was so nice, I changed my mind when I got to the Linnaeusstraat. I walked into Polderweg instead.

linnaeusstraat / polderweg

Polderweg is where they're building all sorts of new stuff on the grounds where the old industrial area was. Long stretches of the building site are fenced off with plywood fences, all of which are spraypainted with grafitti. Most of this is just ugly 'tagging', but every now and then you get a grafitti artist who really knows how to use his can of paint.

grafitti; worth looking at the larger size in flickr

I crossed the railroad and walked throught the neighbourhood between Celebesstraat and Molukkenstraat. Most of the buildings here are built in the last couple of years, but there are some old ones that probably have monument status. One I like in particular is an 'Amsterdam School' school from the 1920-30s. I like the curves in the building; they're very voluptuous.

luscious curves, better than sharp angles

At work my colleague T had installed our new blade server in the rack and had put a linux distro on it. He had a bit of a problem getting it installed since the box crashed halfway every time he tried to run the installer from a USB stick. He finally hooked up an external CD-drive and the installation worked.

When I tried to roll my own Apache and PHP I got compile errors. I finally figured out that this new blade server is a X86_64, a 64-bit machine. All the other machines I've worked on so far were 32-bit machines. An X86_64 uses a different linux distro which o.a. has a new library directory in /usr/lib64. This is where you need to link to when you're compiling. If you don't, the compiler will happily try to link against the 32-bit libraries in /usr/lib and give an error.

After this revelation I made the necessary adjustments and everything compiled just fine. It also worked and with that achieved I fled the building.

I had changed the lacing on my shoes to give less pressure on top of my foot and keep the heel more fixed to the shoe. To see if it made any difference I decided not to take the bus but to walk down the Kruislaan.


The Kruislaan is one of the most boring streets to walk on, so after the railway tunnel I turned onto Archimedesplantsoen and walked to the corner of Galileiplantsoen. If I continued straight on I would end up at the Ringvaart and I've been there already…

galileiplantsoen / archimedesplantsoen

So I turned left onto Galileiplantsoen. Lots of green stuff here.


I walked the length of the street and turned right onto Linnaeusparkweg, a street I'd never been on before. Linnaeusparkweg is an odd street; almost every house is different, contrary to most streets in Amsterdam. This makes it a very lively street to look at. Some buildings looked out of place even here.

One looked to me as if it should have been in Amsterdam-North. It has a typical 'north' style. An anomaly on this building is the stone head sticking out of the wall. This head doesn't look like a 'north' head. Maybe it was attached at a later date and is not part of the original design.


From Linnaeusparkweg I walked via Hogeweg to Middenweg and back home via Pretoriusstraat. I stopped at the AH to buy some filters for my coffeemaker. Dinner was an 'uitsmijter' and a fruit salad. The new shoe lacing works better, so I'll keep that for the time being.


Oscar said...

Interesting that you didn't got involved with the specification of the machine type. The OS choice being Scientific Linux I understand, but the need to figure out that its x86_64 is somewhat odd. O well... :-)

I wonder you got a virtual machine or a real one on the blade server (perhaps depending upon the detail if it's your testing machine or real deal of course).

BTW: the wikipedia page of the Uitsmijter in the english translation seems somewhat different of its Dutch related page: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uitsmijter_(gerecht)

But it will illustrate the uitsmijter with a nice picture. Uitsmijter also means bounce (like the one a a club) which is not quite the egg based piece of food. :)

Kees said...

@Oscar: It's not a VM, but real HW. I've already got the stuff running on a VM on another box.

Vincent said...

I love those buildings as well. You find a lot of them in the Rivieren buurt and the diamant buurt etc.

The graffiti is really nice too.