Thursday, 28 August 2008

the biscuit tin

I walked to work via the Ringdijk, past the Wethouder Verheij sports hall. It is almost completely gone by now.

verheij sports hal

The coot that lives on the floating board opposite the sports hal is still there. The nest is gone, though.

coot and dragline

They still haven't started on the demolition of the asylum; maybe it will be spared and renovated even though I wouldn't have a clou what you could use the building for.

animal asylum

In the morning I attended a meeting for webeditors who have to work with our new CMS, Typo3. In the afternoon I worked with M on the (hopefully) final version of the M€ 9 report.

I took the bus to Amstel Station and walked along the Amstel towards the Oosterparkstraat.


On the corner of Graaf Florisstraat there's a wall painting of a crankshaft and piston.

crankshaft and piston

I walked into a little alley and found myself on a hidden part of Oetgensstraat. If you don't know it's there you'll never find it. The houses are strangely modern, i.e. they look funny. Maybe that's why they're hidden. Maybe they're not pretty enough. One house had a floating circular staircase from the first floor to the top of the building. If you stand right underneath it, it looks like a shell.


I walked through Oosterparkstraat and made a stop in the 'kringloopwinkel', the thrift shop. I saw a biscuit tin from the 1930s which was only &euro 1.00, so I bought it for Juf Jo. She lives around the corner here so I visited her. She liked the biscuit tin. She also liked the way I had lost weight. I even tried on some of the 1940s men's jackets she has for sale and one of them fit. This is the first time I've fitted into an original 1940s suit jacket. People were a lot smaller then…

As Juf Jo was packing for an event in Germany this weekend I didn't hold her up too long and went to the sushi shop for a take-away. Four nigiri, an inside-out roll and some maki. Yum.

juf jo in her natural habitat

After blogging this I'm thinking of going to Mulligans; Danny Guinan is playing tonight.


Juf Jo said...

Don't mind the mess, I was packing for a trip ;)

Vincent said...

@ Joeri: Maybe it was always messy in the 30's? ;-)

@ Kees: That place could be used for tons of things. First of all it could get a "uitgaans" function. Or artyfarty stuff like ateliers. A small office could get in too. Just a few examples.