Monday, 25 August 2008

cockroachzilla strikes again

I was on my way to Muiderpoort Station when I decided to walk down the Polderweg instead. School was starting again and I just had to follow the herds of children going to the Montessori school on Polderweg.

school has started again

The flying saucer shape of the Wethouder Verheij sports hall is now a broken saucer shape; half of it has gone in the last week.

the flying saucer is half gone now

On MacGillavrylaan work on the pavement is still in progress; don't follow the yellow signs though if you want to get to work. It points towards the front door of the 'Castle', which has no exit at the back nor a path going anywhere.

don't follow the yellow sign

In the morning I worked on the big mesh canvas we want to have installed. I'm still looking for a photo with enough resolution to fill 150 m2. I think there are now three or four people working on the canvas. It would be nice if everybody knew what the others were doing. I always CC my emails to the guilty interested parties; if everybody did that we'd all know what was happening. I guess communication is difficult for a communication department.

I also did some work on the EC astroparticle report. The Spanish had sent me a picture of their funding structure which was totally useless for the report. Rather than waiting for them to send me something usable, I remade it in Illustrator.

In the afternoon M came by with the penultimate comments on the M€ 9 request. It's starting to look better and better.

I walked home through Jerusalem; a nice and quiet walk mostly on the foot paths between the streets.


Some people in Jerusalem have too much pink paint. The colour of this chair made my teeth ache.

acute tooth ache

I walked past my house and past the OLVG hospital. The hallway of some of the houses opposite the OLVG have murals; the bottom part is the same in every hall but the top part is different.


The reson for walking past the OLVG is that I wanted to talk to the gym's trainer, Marcel. I told him the bursitis in my shoulders was coming back and that after taking 3x600 mg ibuprofen today my feet still hurt. Did he know of something I could do in the gym without ending up in traction or in a wheelchair? He said that the stationary bike was probably the only thing I'd be able to to do. He also suggested I should take up swimming.

Marcel said that the best thing I could do was to listen to my body and if the gym was too heavy: quit. He would ask the USC management if I could either put my three-month subscription on hold or get my money back. Decent of him.

Walking out of the gym the twisted rebar on the corner of the demolished tax building on Wibautstraat made me think of a Japanese film monster insect; Cockroachzilla takes over the world…

breaking news: cockroachzilla wrecks building

In Camperstraat I stopped and took a few shots of a transport trike, a 'bakfiets'. When I walked on, the guy from the bikeshop came running after me asking why I made a photo of the wheel of his bakfiets. I told him I thought it made a pretty picture with the rusty textures. He then told me a convoluted story about thow he had done something special to the bearings on which the wheel turns and how he thought that I had seen that immediately. He wanted to talk to me because he thought I was a bakfiets guru…

bakfiets guru observations

I got a Kai Pad med Mamuang take-away from the ThaiCoon of which I will eat half tomorrow. David, the co-owner of the ThaiCoon told me he had read my blog; he'd done a ThaiCoon 'ego' search on Google and my blog came up. He recognised me from the avatar. Hi David! The food is good as usual!

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Nicole said...

Vincent and I used to go to the Het Mirandabad and it was a nice pool. You can swim laps there in the evening and they have decent facilities.