Saturday, 23 August 2008

cute girls and strong coffee

the morning walk

It was shopping time again, but instead of going directly to Hartog's bakery I walked the other way, into Pretoriusstraat. The bike shop around the corner had received a new Gazelle Cabby 'bakfiets'. This is a transport bike where you can either collapse the box for easier storage or remove it all together. On the 'bakfiets' group at Flickr all the non-Dutch are drooling over the first photo I took of such a bike last week and are wondering when it will come to their country.


I walked down the east-side of Oosterpark. In one of the front gardens is a semi-permanent exhibition of blackboards in half-finished frames. Every couple of days there's something new written on the blackboards. It is probably an expression of art.

"Ever since Duchamp, the artist is the author of a definition"

I turned left at Tropen museum and followed the Mauritskade.

alexanderkade, muiderpoort behind the trees

When I got to Wibautstraat, I turned left again for Hartog's bakery. I got my half loaf of whole wheat and then had a coffee in Hartog's Boterham next door. It's a nice way to start a Saturday. The walk wakes you up and then you get a coffee served by a cute girl. I've had worse things happening to me.

cute girls and good coffee

I also got some meat at the butcher in Oosterparkstraat, cheese from Erik's Deli on Beukenplein and fruit and veg at the AH.

the afternoon walk

I walked to Amstel Station where the metros were running again. I took one to Central Station and went to the ferry jetty where I got on the ferry to IJplein.

ferry to ijplein

Walking along Noordwal you have an excellent view of the harbour. There was a cruise ship moored at the Passenger Terminal.

cruise ship at passenger terminal

The Wilhemina Dok bar and restaurant was looking very colourful in the sun light. The terrace was full of people having drinks and looking at the ships passing in the harbour. I didn't stop, but thought it would be nice to come back here one of these days for a drink.

wilhemina dok

I finally made it past the bow of the cruise ship and turned left at the Motorwal.

spot the third boat

At the end of Motorwal is a Dirk vd Broek supermarket. Three employees, one girl and two guys, were having a cigarette break. The girl spotted my camera and shouted to me to make a photo, but when I pointed the camera at her she got shy and fled into the shop. The guys just laughed and posed.

dirk vd broek on meeuwenlaan / motorwal

I took a left turn at Meeuwenlaan and then a right at Havikslaan. I crossed the IJ-tunnel road, turned left again and found myself on Buiksloterweg.


I followed Buiksloterweg to the end, where I got the ferry back to Central Station.

looking at the city

I took the #9 tram to Tropen Museum and walked back home through Oosterpark. By the time I got out of the tram my left foot was completely locked up. It took about 50 meters before I could walk again instead of hop. Still, not bad for only one ibuprofen in the morning.


Vincent said...

I absolutely LOVE the Wilhelmina Dok building. Well, the colour. What a fantastic, bright orange. Really nice.

danny (slightly indignant) said...

That's the second time you've passed within 5 minutes of my place without calling... it only takes me that long to get decent and whip up some java when I'm in, you know?
Nice pics btw.

Kees said...

@ Danny: cute girls and strong coffee? I'll drop in next time :-)