Sunday, 24 August 2008

a day at the beach

Today I went to a meeting of the Amsterdam Flickr group. We took the hydrofoil from Central Station to IJmuiden and from there a bus to the beach. The hydrofoil takes about half an hour and so does the bus for the last 5 km.

bus stop at the beach

We walked around the marina taking pictures. There's quite a lot to see, from flying kites to boats and strange textures. Everybody was snapping away.

do kites need a pilot?

There' only a small collection of the photos that I took on today's blog. A larger collection is on my Flickr page and an even larger collection on my hard disk.

dog shit?

Ijmuiden beach is full of contradictions; you have a nice, wide beach which isn't too crowded and right behind it you've got the Corus Steelworks. Maybe that's why it's not too crowded…

a nice day at the beach

We had a meal in one of the beach clubs and afterwards took the bus back to the hydrofoil jetty. When we got there, there wasn't a hydrofoil, and it wasn't arriving anytime soon either, according to the time table which was valid from tomorrow on. We persuaded the driver on the #82 bus, which was going to Amsterdam Marnixstraat, to take us along on our hydrofoil tickets. The hydrofoil is run by Connexxion, as is the bus.

150 meters after the bus had pulled away from the stop we saw the hydrofoil arriving. We stayed on the bus. Half of the Flickr crowd got off the bus at Sloterdijk Station and the other half at the end stop in Marnixstraat. I got off there too and took the #7 tram home.

All in all an enjoyable day with nice people.


Renate said...

Dog shit as a poster moment! That little boy in b/w is a classic, Kees.

Nicole said...

I like the beach here better, but your photos are great all the same :)

Vincent said...

I like the kites photo the best. The beach there is a tragedy. Photo will score well in the 'drama' category.

Pretty cool that you meet up with people like that by the way. How did you find them? Is there a group of people taking only photo's of A'dam?

Kees said...

@Vincent: There are all sorts of Flickr special interest groups. The Amsterdam Meeting isn't just people in Amsterdam, but people from all over Holland who like to make photos in and around Amsterdam.

I found the group by accident; I was looking for groups to post photos I had made and via via got linked to one of the meet-up groups. I saw they had a meeting last Sunday and decided to give it a try.