Friday, 29 August 2008

dead duck

A good start in the morning today; I walked to Amstel Station where I caught the #40 bus to work. When I tried to get off the bus I had to jump sideways so I wouldn't step on a duck whose 'best-before' date had come and gone.


In the morning I had a meeting with the LSC/VIRGO conference organisation, printed an A0-size poster for the Einstein Graviational Wave Detector and updated some stuff on the website. The afternoon was filled with some changes in the financial section of the 9 M€ report and adding some tables to the EU report on astroparticle physics. Thrilling.

I talked to prof. J about visiting VIRGO at Pisa to make photos and he said it would be best to go the week after next as our colleague Th. will be there and can show me around. The later in the year I would go the less access I would have since they are commissioning the detectors right now. I'll have to see if I can get that organised.

I walked back home through 2e Oosterparkstraat where on the corner of Linnaeusstraat I saw a bicycle with a flowerbasket. It was an ad for the craft shop further down the street.

2e oosterparkstraat

In Vrolikstraat some guerilla gardener had planted all sorts of green stuff around a tree. There was also a sign with a quote by Jan Wolkers: "Hey, there goes a heap of earth on a walk-about".

walking mountain

I got a mozarella salad from the AH and had fruit for desert.

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