Wednesday, 6 August 2008

the dish washing brush

I was feeling much better today. Danny and I were going to IKEA to get my new sofa. I was going to meet her at Amstel Station, so that's where I walked to via the Ringvaart. Here's the one and only farmhouse left on the Ringvaart. It is now in use as a community centre.

farm 'de vergulde eenhoorn'

At Amstel Station people in day-glo yellow vests were holding up signs with the number of the metro trains that were arriving. The tunnel coming from Central Station is still closed for renovation and the automatic signs can't cope with the trains running on another schedule.

amstel station

Danny and I got out a stop early. I wanted to have a look at the furniture shops in Villa Arena to see if there was a sofa I liked better than the one at IKEA.

arena boulevard

We made a short tour through Villa Arena. All the stuff there was overpriced 'designer' crap that wasn't comfortable to sit on and didn't even look good. We walked on to IKEA.

diner in villa arena

The first thing we did in IKEA was to sit down and drink a cup of coffee (tea for Danny). It's free for 'family card' holders and being Dutch we couldn't skip a free thing. Then we had a look at the sofas. We tried this one and that one, discussed the colours, the cushions and the pillows and finally arrived at what I wanted to buy anyway: a chair and a two-seat EKTORP sofa in Leadby Red.

Dånny, ett svenska flicka

I ordered it at the service desk and then we went on to do the other important shopping. I bought a dish washing brush which I had seen on Vincent's blog from Australia. Danny bought lots of other stuff.

dish washer

After we'd paid, I went to the transport department to have the stuff delivered. They said they'd bring it today between 17:00 and 20:00. They arrived at 18:30. This is what the room look like before.


The chair was brought up the stairs and deposited in the room.


The sofa was brought up with lots of monaing, groaning and heaving sighs. Sweat was dripping mightily of the porters' heads. I told them to leave the sofa on the balcony so I would have some room inside to worship at the IKEA altar put the things together. Strangely enough I couldn't find an Allen wrench (Inbus) with which to put the bolts in.


It turned out that this is probably the only piece of IKEA furniture that doesn't need an Allen wrench. Just put the covers over the pillows, cushions and frame and you're done.


My neighbour helped me to wrestle the old sofa to the balcony and the new one inside once I had finished with the chair. When I told the porters to leave it outside I had assumed it would be lots of small parts that I could carry inside myself, but since there was no assembly to be done we had to carry the sofa in one piece; too heavy for my lonesome self.


I am now sitting in my new chair typing away at this blog. Very comfortable. I approve of IKEA.


Juf Jo said...


Nice sofa though ;)
But it doesnt go with your Ibook, I think you should get a new red laptop... give me your old ibook :P

Vincent said...

We bought our fold-out bed / couch at Arena Boulevard. Was a bit of a lucky hit though. Was priced down 50% too. Still was expensive but it is pretty good quality.

You got a brush too eh? Isn't it fantastic? I stick it on the sink though, not on the wall.

I like your new furniture :-)

Hi Danny :-)

Nicole said...

There are many good things amongst all the stuff at IKEA. That chair looks wonderful to sit on.