Tuesday, 26 August 2008

a dog with no name

When I got up this morning I had a bursting headache. Yesterday I had taken 3x600 mg ibuprofen and I've experienced before that too much ibuprofen gives me headaches. I needed it yesterday to be able to walk, though.

Today I did without; the headache lasted all day, but surprisingly my feet didn't hurt very much when I did my shopping. On the (short) shopping walk I saw only a few interesting things; I didn't really pay too much attention to the world.

relatively new bike with ancient lock

In Oosterparkstraat I saw this 'bakfiets' with dog passenger. I asked the driver if I could make a photo and he obligingly stopped. He even told me the name of the dog so I could call him. I've forgotten already what the name was.

dog with no name

For dinner I had the other half of yesterday's Thai meal.

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Nicole said...

I loooooove dogs! That little guy is soooooo cute.