Wednesday, 20 August 2008


It was raining on and off today, so I stayed home until I had to leave for the west of Amsterdam. Nantko had invited Danny, Marion and me for dinner. I walked through Oosterparkstraat to Ceintuurbaan.


After Sarphatipark I made a short stop at the computershops in Silicon Alley. I needed a CompactFlash card for my new camera. The third shop had one, 2 Gb for €25.-. SD-cards are a lot cheaper.

ferdinand bolstraat is still a mess

I walked Ceintuurbaan to the end and crossed the Da Costakade into van Baerlestraat.

da costa

Van Baerlestraat was dug up for tram rail renovation, so they'd put automatic gates across the rails. Somebody got to one of the gates with a stencil, and a nice one too.

van baerlestraat

At the Concertgebouw tourists were doing their normal thing: blocking the road whilst holding a map upside-down.


I walked on and crossed the bridge over the Vondelpark. There is some medieaval looking artwork on the bridge; probably an alusion to one of Vondel's plays.

vondelpark bridge art

At Overtoom i took the #3 tram. It was getting late and my left foot had started to hurt. I hadn't taken any ibuprofen today because I wanted to see what parts of my body would hurt after the visit to the gym. Apart from the 'normal' feet and hip problems I am now feeling the joint in my left shoulder again. I hope the arm execises didn't bring back the bursitis in the shoulder.

tram #3

I got out at the stop after the Marnix swimming pool and crossed the Roterdammer bridge.

rotterdammer bridge

I was at Nantko's a few minutes later. The others hadn't arrived yet, so I admired Nantko's guitar collection.

guitar collection

When Danny arrived she told us that Marion had called her to say she wouldn't come. Marion had been to the vet this afternoon with her cat Donna, who was diagnosed as diabetic at the end of June. Donna'd been in and out of the vet's office for the last few days and wouldn't eat anymore. The vet put her to sleep at 15:00. Marion didn't feel like going out after this emotional afternoon, which we all could understand.

Nantko had cooked a vegetarian meal in the tajine, a Moroccan stewpot. It was served with couscous and flatbread. Very tasty, and that for an experiment. It was Nantko's first time cooking with a tajine.

After dessert (fruit and sorbet ice) we watched a music DVD of Omnia, a neo-celt pagan folk band and afterwards 'Hot Fuzz', a British comedy about a uptight London cop who is deported to a countryside village. Bloody funny in both senses.

nantko and danny

Around 22:00 we left. Danny had to catch the ferry to North and I walked to the #3. When I got home and checked my email (which I had last checked around 15:20) I had over 400 spam emails. There was a large collection of spam in Russian and —and this is new!— in Dutch, but not the Dutch as we know it. It's like some Russian spammer had translated it with the help of a Chinese dictionary. Some of the subjects are unintentionally hilarious. What isn't funny is that there is a spam explosion at the moment. It has more than doubled in the last few days.

if you can read dutch this spam is a must!


Nicole said...

I loved seeing the photos from today's walk because it was on one of my routes. That boat at the Hobbemakade and Ceintuurbaan is a flower shop. What a nice dinner you guys had :)

Renate said...

And near the flower boat is the former Cor-rupt... and that brings back memories galore, of darts and beer, of Sunday brunches and trivial pursuit games, of European and World Championship football matches on large screens and live music, of laughter and of crying. And, of course, of Jet and Cor, bless his soul.

Marion said...

The boat is no longer a shop
They only do flower work for special occasions.

Thnx kees for mentioning Donna :D