Tuesday, 12 August 2008

high council on the high way

You only think to bring an umbrella when it's actually raining. It started to rain when I was about 150 m from my front door so I didn't have one with me. I walked to Amstel Station to get out of the rain as fast as possible. Walking on Maliebaan I saw a colourful snake painted on the ground. I'm sure it's some sort of game, but not something I remember from being a kid.


At work we continued with the € 9 million project. When I left the weather had improved dramatically. You could see the clouds disappear over the horizon.


I walked along the Kruislaan and turned right into Radioweg where I saw a sign ordering me to pay here on Saturday. Why and how much I don't know.

attention!!! pay here on saturday.

I zigzagged to the Linnaeusparkweg . . .


. . . which ended at the fountain at Hogeweg. There are a few people who think the fountain makes too much noise and who've complained about it. These complaints have made their way to the highest court in the country, the Hoge Raad (High Council). I think it is a waste of the court's time to have to think about the sound of a fountain. The High Council didn't think so and have judged that the fountain can stay on. The complainers will have to learn to live with the sound…

hogeweg fountain

I walked home from Hogeweg via Pretoriusstraat. Dinner was a Cajun Turkey Salad.

In the evening I went to the range in Hoofddorp. I hoped it would be dark enough there to see the Perseid meteorite showers that were forecast for tonight. Unfortunately, the range is near Schiphol Airport and the light pollution is too much to see the falling stars clearly.


Juf Jo said...

Happy birthday baby ;)

Vincent said...

Gefeliciteerd! Je verjaardag wordt gevierd met een overwinning van het gezond verstand op de zeikende mens. Volgende keer zelf even die link plaatsen, dan hoef ik er geen half uur naar te zoeken ;-)

Nieuwsbericht over fontijn.

Nicole said...

I remember seeing the fountain story on AT5 a while back and just had to roll my eyes. Every time something happens in Amsterdam people complain, it's like a sport. There is just no pleasing them. I think the fountain is lovely and it's not big enough to make great sound pollution, it attracts people and brings life and fun to the square.

Nicole said...

And Happy Birthday!