Tuesday, 5 August 2008

home early

I walked along Ringvaart to work, passing the old Wethouder Verheij sports hall. This 'flying saucer' is in the process of being demolished. They've opened a new sports hall next to it last month.

flying saucer

A bit further along another icon of old Amsterdam is being demolished: the animal asylum on Polderweg. I remember years ago when I worked around the corner here you could hear the dogs bark furiously when the wind was coming from the right direction.


The 'castle' on the corner of MacGillavrylaan doesn't quite fit here. All the other buildings here are not higher than 4 floors.

the 'castle'

I did some more work on the film presentations, but for some reason I couldn't concentrate. I was reading the documentation of the player to see which of the features I could use but my eyes kept falling shut, and I would 'wake up' with a start. In the afternoon it was getting worse, so I went home around 14:30.

I took the bus to Molukkenstraat and started walking towards Muiderpoort Station, thinking that fresh air might do me some good. Instead I got a headache.

the point

I walked past the Point on Domselaerstraat, and then home along Tugelaweg. At home I layed down for a while, but due to the headache I didn't rest very well. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow.


Oscar said...

Did you (kinda) figure out what happened? Was your blood sugar level to low or was the atmosphere at work not helping too much?
I must say that we've noticed that sometimes the humidity and temperature of the building is not very constant. When the airco has been offline for a bunch of hours it takes a day to recuperate to the normal levels.

To get mind of things, I sometimes make a walk to the ground floor, through the assembly hall and walking the full circle via the coffee corner back to my office.

Juf Jo said...

What a shame that they demolish the Dierenasyl, another bit of history gone and replaced by some ugly bit of concrete and glass.
Something that will proof to be unwanted or unsuitable and that will need to be torn down in a few years.
Like the crazy flying saucer.

Vincent said...

Taking down that old building is really sad. They are probably going to build another 'castle'.