Friday, 15 August 2008

the job offer

It was warm and sunny, so I took the Ringdijk route.

ringdijk stairs

On this side of the canal you can walk mostly in the shade.


On MacGillavrylaan —which is still a mess— there's one particular sign I don't get.

if you're going nowhere, it's forbidden to turn right.

Last Wednesday the security gates at work were turned on. Today the backdoor was open… When I looked in there wasn't a soul in sight. If you think this is security I have a nice bridge for sale.


In the morning I worked on a report for the European Council on astroparticle physics in the participating countries.

At 13:00 I had an mystery appointment with the director. When I sat down he made me a job offer; two job offers, actually:

  1. join the Communications and Outreach group;
  2. work directly for the director, or alternatively
  3. stay where I was

Joining C&O would mean I'd get a new boss; one with whom I don't quite see eye to eye. The management style in C&O is a bit like "do this because I tell you to." I'm not big on that type of management.

Working for the director isn't bad at all. We've had conflicts in the past, but then we're both stiff necked b*stards when we believe we're right. We always managed to come back to civilized behaviour, though.

All three options are in a way attractive; if not for the management style I would like to work in C&O. Working directly for the director you're close to the fire and the work would be very diverse. Staying in the Computer Technology group —and my present boss wants me to stay in his group— is the safest option, but could also be the most boring one; I haven't done much computer system related things lately and now that we're getting a CMS for the website there's even less to do.

I have to give this whole idea a good thinkum before I decide what to do.

On thing I got out of the talk anyway: Frank told me it was OK for me to go to VIRGO, the European Gravitational Observatory in Pisa, Italy to make photos of the experiment. All the photos of VIRGO are over five years old and not quite what we need for publications.

The rest of the day I worked with MJG on the 9 M€ grant request. We're now at version 8, so we need one more version to hit the 9 M€ jackpot.

After work I walked to the Polderweg where I saw some grafitti in the making.

grafitti in the making

The old Wethouder Verheij sports hall is starting to look more and more like a crashed flying saucer. Almost half of it is gone now.

crashed flying saucer

In Laings Neckstraat the bicycle shop was flagging, why I don't know. Maybe because they managed to park a bicycle on the wall.

gravity defying parking

Going around the corner into my street the sun was shining and the street looked very peaceful.


For dinner I had the other half of yesterday's Thai meal, the Kai Pad med Mamuang. Drool.


Juf Jo said...

I hate modern grafitti, I asume that grafitti was legal, if it wasnt you shold call the cops.
They make such a mess.

The flag was perhaps out because today is Victory in the Dutch Indies day, the day war sort of ended for the former colony.

Nicole said...

What an exciting day Kees! Much to think about indeed, it's a bit of a luxury problem having all those choices. And how exciting about the trip to Pisa!

What are they going to build instead of the crashed saucer?

Vincent said...

You can't see eye to eye with me neither.... height wise *grin*

Nice to get a few options presented. A lot of people don't have that luxury.

Kai Pad med Mamuang is what I always used to order at every Thai. I always asked for extra cashews because that just makes it a lot nicer to me. These days I'm all into the Chicken and vegetables in Honey sauce (with added cashews of course).