Thursday, 7 August 2008

knitting granny

The weather looked OK, so I walked through Frankendael to Kruislaan from where I took the #40 to work. I left my umbrella at home.


At work I did a few press releases and worked on the Open House T-shirt. I also spent quite a lot of time searching the CERN photo database for some photos I had seen on the Wired website, but which I couldn't find at CERN even though they were made by the CERN photographers. Maybe they keep some photos for selected publications.

I was meeting Danny for dinner so I took the bus to Insulindeweg. It was pouring with rain. The streets were flooding and you had to be careful where you stood if you didn't want to get drenched by passing cars. I waited a long time for the #14 tram to appear. When it finally arrived the driver said they were making a detour because lightning had hit the overhead wires near the Zoo and the street was blocked. The Zoo is were I had to go… and my umbrella was at home…

cloud burst on insulindeweg

If I had know the #14 was going to take the #7 route I would have taken one of the three #7s that had already passed me by. I got on the #14 and got off again at the Roeterstraat and walked to Plantage Middenlaan.

roeterstraat detour

I met Danny two minutes late in Café 'Eik en Linde'. The street was indeed blocked; there was police tape across the road and at the far end of the street you could see stopped trams and flashing blue police lights. We walked around the corner to Japanese Restaurant 'Tempura'.

We ordered à la carte; we had salads, sushi, miso soup, yakitori, don and tonkatsu and some more stuff of which I've forgotten the names.

danny eating don

I had eaten here before, but for Danny it was the first time. She liked the interior and so do I. It is very cozy, especially when you sit downstairs near the kitchen.

japanese restaurant tempura

In the showcase next to the kitchen was a money box with wagging heads. Danny noticed the granny was knitting.

knitting japanese granny money box

After dinner we picked up Danny's bike at the 'Eik en Linde' and walked to Mulligans.

plantage middenlaan

We had one drink in Mulligans and then walked to Tuschinsky where we had to queue to get tickets for WALL-E. They gave us the wrong tickets after queueing for 15 minutes, but the ticket lady inside let us go to the right cinema. The film was fun, a romantic SciFi comedy animation.

queueing at tuschinsky

After the film we went back to Mulligans and listened to Cloide, a band from Dublin. We only stayed for the one drink an then went home.


Juf Jo said...

Wall-e is indeed a nice movie, I want a floating chair!

Nicole said...

What a nice Japanese place.

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