Friday, 22 August 2008

leave your glasses

Short report today due to lack of time. At work I was busy working on the 9 M€ report. After work I walked to Mulligans.

amstel 100

I was meeting Anna. We're were going to the Bangkok Thai restaurant for dinner.


Anna had vegetables in red curry; I had the kai pad med mamuang, Vincent's favourite. I had never eaten it here and it was completely different from what I was used to. It tasted very good, though!

vegetables in red curry and kai pad med mamuang #94

Collins dropped in after dinner when Anna and I were back in Mulligans. There's a sign by the door for the smokers that go outside and Collins had a brainwave.

new sign in mulligans; photo was collins' idea.

I left Mulligans around 21:15 since I had drunk my single whiskey and Anna and Collins were going somewhere else to talk business. I walked home along the Amstel.

walking home past magere brug

When I was near the Amstel Hotel, Danny sms'ed me to ask if I was going to Mulligans...


Nicole said...

Hello Anna! Hello Bangkok! Beautiful photos! The glasses are so funny.

Vincent said...

Hahaha, I like the glasses joke :-)

Hi Anna!

I had exactly the same with he Kai phad med Mamuang! They make a dryer, stickier version with no extra sauce. It is indeed very nice though.

danny said...

Doesn't it just kill you to be so popular? Frankendael looks gorgeous, I wish I lived near there.