Tuesday, 19 August 2008

the LHC tunnel

Walking along the Nobelweg I wondered a while ago why they'd let the grass and other green stuff grow wild along the pavement. I found out the strip is used by dogs for their defecation and as a green strip for local wildlife to get from A to B.


It was sunny and after the holidays so the whole council's workforce was out in the streets. Street cleaners, weeds cutters, gardeners; only the office workers weren't in the street. It felt a bit like spring cleaning.

steaming cleaning

I turned left onto Kamelingh Onneslaan and saw an escaped shark on the corner of Graham Bellstraat.

"no aquarium is strong enough to hold me!"

In the side entrance to Frankendael I wanted to take a photo of the lady on the cargo bike. When you try to make a photo of somebody, they either slow down or speed up to get out of the picture. Nobody seems to realize that sometimes they are the subject of the photo.

frankendael park

Earlier in the week the local Council Chairman, Martin Verbeet, was at Villa Frankendael to 'crown' the building. He put two small golden flags on the roof, signifying that the rebuilding was finished. There's a bit of a delay in the rebuild, but Martin's agenda was too full to schedule another day, which is why he was early. The official opening is now planned for 10 September. Report will follow in the week after.

frankendael villa

This morning a guy came in from the printshop where we had our LHC-tunnel stickers made. I helped him put them on the windows in the underpass. The mock-up I'd made a while ago looked better; since this is pasted to the windows on the inside you get light reflections when you're on the outside. Still, it looks pretty nice and you get a sense of the size of the tunnel when you see it curve away.

In the afternoon we had an organization meeting for the LSC/VIRGO conference.

LHC-tunnel @ work in progress

I got on the bus to Muiderpoort Station with colleague Oscar who's going to Curaçao on Friday for his honeymoon. I hope he and his wife have fun. We'll know in two weeks.

I walked home throught the gardens behind the Council building. There's a little tower house there. I think it is an exhibition space for artists or something like that.

council gardens

There was a cut red ribbon hanging from the door, and a small announcement about a photo exhibition. The door was closed, though. An open and shut case.

opening closed

I got a nice chicken salad from AH for dinner.

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Nicole said...

Nice window tunnel stuff. I kind of like that it's a bit see-through and magical looking.