Monday, 4 August 2008

mulligans wifi

Yesterday it was raining all day long and I stayed at home. Today the sun was shining. It must be a complot of the employers and the Met office. They make you feel good walking to work…

Anyway, I set off towards Muiderpoort Station, walking through Vrolikstraat. This is a bit of a strange street, since one side is built in the 1920s and the other side is built in the 1990s. Still, the two sides are strangely harmonious.


Crossing the Linneausstraat I walked into Oetenwalersstraat. This street is next to the 'stadsdeelkantoor', the local council office. It makes a curious dip, going down from from Linnaeusstraat and up again at the other end of the street.


I didn't follow the street, but walked into the gardens behind the council office. Some of the buildings around the gardens are now appartments.


Coming to Muiderpoort Station I noticed this sign: "Fietsers uit tunnel!". This could have two meanings: a) Cyclists coming from the tunnel!, or b) Cyclists stay out of the tunnel! I presume they mean the former.

bikes from tunnel

At work I found another way to present the movies for the LHC opening. I used a flash movie player called 'flowplayer'. It looks pretty good, but the unlicensed version has a logo imprinted in the corner when you go full screen. The other player I used before didn't do that, so maybe I'll try that one again.

I did have to rip the DVDs to h.264 QT movies again. The versions I had on disk all stopped after 10 seconds of playing. The newly ripped version play all the way through. You can see the result of one of the movies here; also in full screen.

We had lunch on the terrace, with half an eye on the sky. Some of the clouds passing overhead were pretty grey and looked as if they could drop their load of rain any minute. Wim noticed a particular ominous looking cloud, which was strangely sunlit. I made a photo, but the real thing looked much better.


After work on the corner of Beukenweg, near the railroad bridge I saw a Caribean drum band getting together. I didn't wait for them to start playing.

drum band

After dinner I went to Mulligans. I was meeting Danny and Marion there after their Stitch 'n Bitch night. I walked to Amstel Station and crossed the river, then walked to Victorieplein where I got the #4 tram.

amstel river

When I got to Mulligans Dominic was having a cigarette break outside. There are ashtrays bolted to the gable now. Inside Barry and Dom had been busy connecting a WiFi router. Yes, Mulligans has free WiFi now. The SSID is Mulligans and for the password you have to ask the staff.

roken(d) is dom

Marion was wearing one of her in-your-face T-shirts. We all had a whiskey and talked until it was time for Marion to go home and shoot her cat. Danny and I left after one more drink.

or else…

I walked home from Mulligans.


Vincent said...

That's a nice thing to do for Mulligans, free WiFi.

Is that left drum band guy cracking open the bin?!

Kees said...

@Vincent; I don't think so, he's just banging away with his drum sticks.

Nicole said...

I like the Wi-Fi idea. It should attract enough non-smoking geeks to balance out the smokers who are still getting used to the idea that their second hand smoke does poison other people.

Juf Jo said...

Good news though, in Germany they are already turning back the anti smoking rules ;)

Was that drumband playing outdoors?
I'd be running away too.