Sunday, 10 August 2008

rejection street

Collins had asked me to come over to his house this afternoon. Amy had come over from the USA and there would be a screening of Collins' indy movie "The Same Side of Rejection Street". I decided to walk along the #7 tram route so I could hop on a tram when needed. I walked to the Hoge Sluis where I crossed the Amstel.


On Frederiksplein dogs were playing in the fountain.

fountain on frederiksplein

Vijzelstraat is still a mess due to North-South Metro building activities.


I continued along the Weteringschans.

tourist stuff

At Leidseplein the gate to the Casino has a Latin inscription. Since not many people read Latin nowadays I've provided the translation in the caption.

homo sapiens non urinat in ventum
man doesn't piss in the wind

When I walked passed the Americain I was thinking that I hadn't been inside in years. In the past I would drink a cup of coffee and read the newspaper at the reading table there every now and then. One of these days I'll go in and do just that again.

hotel americain

Next to the Americain used to be the Bellevue Cinerama. It is now demolished, making room for a new theatre.

bellevue cinerama: gone

At the police HQ I turned left onto Kinkerstraat. When I crossed the Bilderdijkkade I noticed how empty Kinkerstraat is on a Sunday afternoon.


I crossed the Baarsjes and turned right into Witte de Withstraat.


I arrived 3 minutes late at Jon's place. Not bad timing for a 6.5 km walk from the east of Amsterdam…

witte de withstraat

The other guests for the screening were Nantko (who was wearing glasses and who'd had a haircut), Paul the sound guy, his GF Joyce and Upstairs George.

Collins gave us the director's introduction and made sure everybody had a drink. He then pointed out the snacks on the table and pushed the play button on the remote.

Two hours later, after the film had ended, we all went to the Chinese restaurant around the corner for a pretty good meal. After the meal we walked to the tramstop to go into town.

amy and nantko 2.0

On Admiraal de Ruyterweg apparantly you can still smoke in some clubs.

smoking room available

We caught the #13 tram and got off on the Dam. Atlas was still carrying the world heavens on top of the palace.


We walked along Rokin. At Hotel L'Europe there's a little statue on the bridge overlooking the Muntplein.

hotel l'europe

At Mulligans I saw a little sticker on a lamp post. It was in French "A legend doesn't die". I wonder what that is for.

lamp post in front of mulligans

In Mulligans we met Alex, Ali, Ann and a bunch of other people whose name doesn't start with the letter A.

ann, ali and collins

After one tiny whiskey I went home. I walked along the Amstel and joined the tourists on Blauwbrug who were lining up for a shot of the Skinny Bridge at night. Why they all were making flash photos I can't understand. I just steadied the camera and exposed a bit longer.

tourist stuff: skinny bridge at night

I did the same again at the Carré.

the front of carré; much better looking than the back…

From the Carré I walked past the Amstel Hotel, Rhijnspoorplein, OLVG and Beukenplein. No photos from this part of the walk. It was getting too dark and all the stuff I had taken shots of before.

My feet hadn't bothered me as much as with the old shoes where one of the insoles had gone missing. Maybe this had been the problem all along. We'll see what the next couple of weeks feels like with the new shoes.


Juf Jo said...

Doesnt Atlas carry the sky?

Kees said...

You're right; it's corrected.

BTW, did you see the Molenkade photo one blogpost back?

Vincent said...

Very nice night shots.

Nicole photographed the little but beautiful statue on the bridge a few years ago. It should be on her blog somewhere.

Is that movie online somewhere? I wouldn't mind seeing it.

Amy and Nantko look good. I like the Nantko 2.0 haircut better than the 1.0 version. It's clearly a big upgrade!

Last summer Nic and I sat down at the fountain on a very hot day and dangled our legs in the water. Lots of kids played in it as well, even babies. And dogs. And it was all fun until we saw one of the dogs make a yellow trail. Then we left...

Nice to see Alie again. Hi Alie!

Nicole said...

What great photos! Sounds like an excellent day.

Aragog said...

Schitterende foto's!!! Als je het goed vindt wil ik graag een link op mijn blog zetten naar die van jou... Ik kwam op je blog omdat ik een vriendin ben van Marion.

Ik ben sinds gisteren ook begonnen met lopen om gewicht kwijt te raken, alleen maak ik (nog?) geen foto's. Wel gaat het lopen prima omdat ik constant verdwaal, en dan loop je zo een uur meer dan je van plan was ;-)