Wednesday, 13 August 2008

swing with singh

The morning walk

I had no more bread in the house, so I went to Hartog's to buy some. I walked past the Ecodis supermarket where they had very bright orange pumpkins on display.


After buying the bread (whole wheat with sunflower seeds) I walked back along the Amstel where I spied this cat sitting on a boat.


I walked past the fire brigade office on the corner of Graaf Florisstraat and noticed that fire trucks are getting smaller and smaller. Where will miniaturization end, I wonder.

fire brigade

Near Café Hesp there's a boat loaded with washing machines. When the owner is at home he plays Dutch 'smartlappen' at a deafening volume. I'm glad I'm not his neighbour. From here I walked back home and had lunch.

washing machines

The afternoon walk

After lunch I decided that since it was my birthday, I could give myself a present. I wanted to buy a Lowepro SlingShot camera bag. The shop where I wanted to buy the bag is on Javastraat so I started to walk that way. Obviously, since I didn't bring an umbrella it started to rain about 100 meters from my front door. I sheltered in a doorway and walked on after the rain had stopped. I took the short cut behind the local Council office. In the garden behind the building an apartment block was very white against the still dark sky.

behind stadsdeelkantoor

The fire brigade in Domselaerstraat has a bigger truck and they were practising lifting a stretcher with the ladder.

practise makes perfect

I walked onto the Dapper market and turned right into Reinwardstraat where I saw Tintin's moon rocket parked on the street.

tintin's rocket

On Pontanusstraat mr Singh had parked a painted truck.

swing with singh

Arriving on Javastraat I saw a Deutsche Post bike with trainer wheels. I think it is irresponsible to let a novice cyclist drive this bike all the way from Germany.

deutsche post mit training wheels, jawohl!

When I was last in the photo shop the bag was in the window for €85. I couldn't buy it then since the whole window was boxed in with newly arrived merchandise so I told them I'd be back later in the week. When I got there today the bag was out of the window and when I said I wanted to buy it they told me the price was €129.95. I told them I would buy it for €85 or not at all. They told me the €85 price was a special promotion in the month of May. I told them it was in their window last week for that price and I told them I said I'd be back to buy it. Grudgingly they sold it to me for €85.

I walked back via Borneostraat . . .


. . . past the IJ brewery . . .

windmill and brewery

. . . and onto Zeeburgerstraat, where all the buildings are new. Every apartment block is in a different shape and form. Very nice, since it doesn't look uniform at all.


Speaking of uniform; the grounds were these apartments are built used to be Army barracks. This is where I got the physical examination for my National Service. It looks much better now.

army barracks

I walked home through the Oosterpark. Tonight I'm going to Mulligans for a quiet drink with a select group of friends.


Marion said...

Comment from a selected friend: put it on your blog and Mulligans will be loaded tonight *lol*

Happy birthday luv. I'll be there in 45 mins :)

Vincent said...

I love Tintin's rocket. Is there a big b-day party in M tonight?

Kees said...

@Vincent: not a big party; Danny, Marion, Janneke, Margot, Nantko and Collins. Anna is in Ireland, Gerrit in Copenhagen and Daan vR didn't show up.

Aragog said...

Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Ik hoorde al van Marion dat het gezellig was vanavond ;-)

Nicole said...

That guy with the washing machines is a classic! He's much more active in the summer. Sometimes he doesn't even have room for all the machines he gets and puts them on the side-walk.

Renate said...

The things one misses when a-Vikinging in Ribe... first the Havhingsten in Den Helder, and now your birthday.

Belated Happy Birthday, Kees - you'll get your present next week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kees !

I should have read your blog more often...

Alsnog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag !