Friday, 8 August 2008

the wedding

When I walked to Muiderpoort Station this morning I saw a rat sitting in the hallway corner of one of the buildings on my street. This is the first rat I've ever seen in the wild. It was sitting very quietly, nose in the corner as if it had been a bad boy in school.


I walked along the railway on Oetenwalerspad. . .


. . .and past the annex of the Academic Medical Centre.

oetenwaler flat

At work I produced a new version of the 9 million Euro grant request.

After work I drove with Wim to his house in Landsmeer where we had a couscous dinner with his wife Corien and his son Jos. After dinner Wim, Corien and I drove to The Hague where our colleague Oscar, a regular commenter on this blog, was getting married. We arrived at the party centre around 20:15. The party centre has the unfortunate name of 'Madenstein', 'Maggotstone'. You'd expect this to be the name of the evil wizard's castle in a Harry Potter book, but it turned out to be a quite nice building in a nature reserve.

maggotstone castle party centre madenstein

Oscar and his wife Sandra were happy to see us. There was a fairly large group of colleagues already there whom we joined. Later in the evening I saw some of my colleagues dance, something they normally don't do at work. For which I am grateful… But, a good time was had by all.

oscar & sandra

We left the party around 23:00 and drove back to Amsterdam. The roads were very quiet so we made good time and I was home around 23:45.


Oscar said...

You seem to have posted the blog just in time, one minute before twelve still on our wedding day.

No reference to Cinderella, by wife still looked like a princess when time passed midnight. Our wedding day was by far the best day of our lives.

I won't repeat my dancing efforts at work. I'll spare you the 'beautiful' sight, but I had fun. :-)

Aragog said...

Als je ratten wilt zien, onder de struiken bij de gebouwen rond het Amstelstation rennen er plenty rond tegen de schemering. Ik heb er laatst een week gewerkt (op het Amstelstation dus) en dat was voor mij de eerste keer dat ik ze in het wild zag, ipv in de dierentuin van Emmen :-(