Monday, 11 August 2008

wheelchair dancing

This morning I had to make my three-monthly visit to the diabetes care. I walked through Oosterpark where it was very quiet. The weather wasn't really so good that people wanted to sit in the park; rain had been forecast.

quiet in oosterpark

Near the music stand people were practising their Tai Chi moves. Very slowly and graceful. I have a colleague who does Tai Chi and has been to China a few times to practise. He was in Beichuan a few months ago, right before the big earthquake hit.

tai chi

The skate board grounds were empty; a good time to make a photo of the grafitti without being run over by skate boards and BMX bikes.

grafitti on the skate board grounds

The Zorgmobiel was waiting in its usual spot next to the Tropical Museum. I was told my bloods sugar was perfect: HbA1c was 5.8 and fasting glucose was 5.6. The diabetes nurse said that if my weight continued to drop and blood sugar staid within levels I would probably get my medication cut next time.


I left Zorgmobiel and walked towards the park's exit. I saw the swans had cygnets. One of the parent swans was pecking at the ducks who got too close to the offspring.

young swans

I got bus #40 at Muiderpoort Station and made it to work in time for lunch.

street art at muiderpoort station

After lunch, MJG and I worked further on the € 9 million grant request.

Going home I walked through Oosterpark again, but via a different route. I saw this bench which had holes with a text punched into it. The red in the letters comes from plastic boards which are tacked onto the back of the bench. The holes are drilled completely through the bench, so I think it was made this way in the factory. Unless, of course, the artist drilled the holes right here in the park.

street art in oosterpark

At home I ate a nice salad with melon and raw ham, with a big bowl of fruit for desert. After dinner I took the #9 tram to Mulligans, where I was meeting with Amy before she's flying back to the US on Wednesday. Collins and Daniel came with her. Danny showed up after her Stitch 'n Bitch night.

amy, collins & daniel. amy pointing at daniel's new toy: the iPhone

It being the second Monday in the month, the dancers started at 21:00. Dom, Siard and Max were the musicians on duty.

dom, max, siard and ieneke, one of the dancers

I always enjoy the dancing, even though I never do it myself. In the past I have been one of the two non-dancing members of the MacSweeney Dancers. The other was Miriam. Membership gave us the right to put money in the kitty for birthday presents and such. The MacSweeney Dancers also came to dance on a Monday when I was in hospital with a broken ankle. The doctors and nurses were somewhat surprised… Patients came out of the wards to listen to the music. One patient came out of her wheelchair and made a dancing step. The nurse said she hadn't moved from that wheelchair in six months.


Around 23:00 we all called it a day and left Mulligans. I got the #9 back home. On Rembrandplein the biggest TV screen in Holland was lighting up the square. If I lived across from this thing I would probably sabotage it.

bright light


Vincent said...

I often thought of throwing paint bombs at that screen. I hate it so much. But I think it's so bright you'd probably not even notice the paint bombs. Maybe if you throw 10 at one spot...

And I LOVE that graffiti. It's exceptionally well done and original. Does it say ZEDZ KODA?

Nicole said...

Nice evening in Mulligan's.

I really like the art on the benches.