Tuesday, 16 September 2008

the ammo boots

Last night's döner kebab wasn't easy on my stomach; I was awake most of the night. Probably punishment for gluttony. I stayed home today trying to find the rest I didn't get during the night. I only went out for a walk, wearing my ME ammo boots which needed breaking in.

I walked along the Amstel, where somebody was waiting patiently for the restaurant to open.

what time do they open?

Then on to Ringvaart, where I walked on the other side from where I normally go.


There are some old, but nice looking houses there.

ringdijk houses

At Middenweg I turned right and walked to Frankendael. It has finally opened last weekend after the extensive renovation. I like the way it looks now without all the building junk and cars around it. The restaurant was open, but I didn't see a menu outside so I haven't a clue what the prices are like. Probably high.


From Frankendael I walked back home via Middenweg and Populierenweg. I had a more sensible dinner tonight: chicken and italian salad. The ammo boots gave me a blister on my right heel…

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Nicole said...

I just love that little brick house! (Although, the other "little" brick house with the fountain wouldn't be bad either.)