Saturday, 13 September 2008

biały orzeł

When I did my shopping in the morning the rain was pouring down. After lunch the weather had cleared up, so I went for a walk in the direction of the Amstel river. Next to the Berlagebrug is the Nereus Student rowing club. They were having a race against another club.

amstel boat race

After crossing the bridge I stood waiting for the traffic light to go green when I watched a little kid drive his bike into the pavement at full speed. He couldn't keep the bike upright and smacked on the ground. His father was right behind him and was doing a good job consoling the kid, who was red-faced and crying his lungs out. The bike was OK. So was the kid, it turned out later. I saw him pedal away after his dad.


On Vrijheidslaan some of the doors are beautiful. Others, in the same style, have been spray painted or have lost their paint. This is a shame as these doors look like they're still originals from the 1930s. I think they're worth preserving.


I walked along Rooseveltlaan to the RAI; the International Broadcasting Conference was on and I had been given an ticket. I went in, picked up a catalogue, walked throught two halls, decided it was too busy and walked out again. Supposedly there are over 40,000 people in town for the IBC, the world's biggest media conference. At least half of them were in the RAI.

iamsterdam in front of the rai
tilted view is called "dutch perspective angle" in broadcast land

The Boerenwetering looked a lot more peaceful than the RAI. I followed it to the Apollolaan.


On Muzenplein I spotted a nice gable stone.


I took a shortcut to Cornelis Troostplein, walked down the Ferd. Bolstraat and turned right onto Ceintuurbaan. Near the Sarphatipark I heard loud music and drunken voices. It was a beer cycle. These contraptions are pedalled by 12 people and have a beertap on board.

beer cycle

If you want to drink a beer I would sit down on a terrace such as the one of Café Sarphaat. The weather was now getting really nice and warm again.

café sarphaat

I walked across the Amsterdamsebrug and into Oosterparkstraat where I noticed a new bar had opened next to the Roti Room, the excellent Indian restaurant. The bar is called Biały Orzeł, which is Polish for White Eagle.

biały orzeł

I had one of AH's salads and fruit for dinner.


Vincent said...

"tilted view is called "dutch perspective" in broadcast land" Is that true? That's funny :-)

Kees said...

more correctly, it should be Dutch angle.