Monday, 29 September 2008

care & wellbeing

Saturday and Sunday I didn't go out, walked nowhere and just stayed home (hence no photos). Sunday night the pain in my left foot that I normally feel when I start to walk and which lasts for a couple of meters had gone. Maybe I should take a rest day more often.

The painless feeling lasted into Monday morning, so I walked to work. I took the lower side of the Ringdijk for a change. The little green mosaic you can see on the building on the right-hand side of the photo is a space invader. A street artist who goes by the nickname of 'AmsterInvader' glues these mosaics on buildings around Amsterdam. He's got about 150 installed so far. I've been making photos of the invaders I see and AmsterInvader has linked to a bunch of them on Flickr as favourites. The other day I even found one he had installed only 12 hours before!

ringdijk with ai_127

The Middenweg is still under construction; I've heard they'll be busy for a few months.


The Stadsdeelkantoor (local Council Office) on the other hand is almost finished. I acturally am beginning to like the mix of old and new architecture.


At work I did lots of little jobs.

When I left I walked around the corner to the bus stop on MacGillavrylaan. This is where the school kids from the VMBO get on the bus, too. The bus stayed away for a long time, and the kids formed a line across the street saying "this time it'll stop!" Obviously, they've had the experience of the bus passing them by. I took a photo of the blockade.

blurred bus blockade

Just the act of taking a photo turned these nice, gentle and compassionate kids who are training to work in "Zorg & Welzijn", Care & Wellbeing, into little monsters. They immediately mobbed around me, demanding that I delete the photo. I told them I had no inclination whatsoever to delete a photo since I am not obliged to do so under any law here, as long as I don't publish it with recognisable faces on it (hence the blurred faces on the photo).

They didn't listen; all I got was shrill shrieking "delete or else…", more mobbing around me and finally a kick in the leg and a smack with an umbrella at my head from behind. Heroes.

Two of the teachers came out of the school to see what the racket was all about. More shrill shrieking. One of the teachers told me (he obviously had experience in understanding shrill shrieking) to delete the photo. I told him no and why I wouldn't do it. He said taking pictures of the pupils was illegal and if I didn't delete the photo he'd call the police. I told him that a) taking photos is not illegal and b) that calling the police was fine with me since I wanted to talk to them about the assault by his pupils. He called. They came. The pupils went.


I told my story to one cop, the teacher told his version to the other. The cops both agreed with me that I was perfectly within the law making these photos, the kids were on the wrong side of the law assaulting me and if I wanted to file a complaint I should go to Linnaeusstraat police station. The teacher knew who the kids were and would cooperate now that he was enlightend about the law.

I got on the bus an hour after the whole thing started. Talking to a secretary from the neighbouring institute I heard four girls who were already on the bus saying "did you like that smack with an umbrella? Wait till next time." There's only one answer to that. I turned around and made another photo. I'm not easily intimidated. They were, by a camera lens. They ducked out of sight when they saw the camera.

heroes on the bus

The whole thing started up again. They were demanding I remove the photo, I refused. The situation got uglier and uglier. One girl was threatening to break my camera and do me physical harm. The bus driver didn't agree with this. He told them to shut up. Shrill shrieking started again, this time against the driver (Line #40, bus #107). He got fed up with them and threw them of the bus.

After the first incident I didn't plan on pressing charges, but the girl who'd told me she'd break my camera had been in the front row both times. I thought it was time for her to learn that my patience wears thin rapidly when I am threathed twice within the hour by the same person. So I went to the Linnaeusstraat police station where I had to wait five minutes, told my story and was asked to make an appointment where I could tell the story in greater detail and file a complaint. Wednesday 14:00 is the earliest date.

bikes at the police station


Juf Jo said...

Welcome to my world kees.
As a Neo traditionalist I feel its my duty to speak out when people misbehave or show antisocial behaviour in public.
In todays world that apperantly means people can insult, threaten and attack you.
Where you've been I have been quite a few times, spending ages at the police station and then looking over your shoulder for a while.
Hasnt our society become a nice place?
Luckily our politicians tell us there are no problems...

"Gaat u maar rustig slapen"

Danny said...

I bet your blood was boiling. You show 'em. Zorg & Welzijn my arse.

Nicole said...

The usual c*nts, doing the muslim community of Amsterdam proud. Fabulous. And they wonder why people can't stand them.

I'm very sorry you had to experience that Kees, but I am happy you're filing a police report.

Vincent said...

Wat een ongelovelijk gajes zeg. Kan je je foto gebruiken bij de aangifte denk je? Ik herken d'r in ieder geval eentje.

Heel goed dat je je staande hebt gehouden en dat je de politie hebt laten komen.

Het zal me benieuwen of de smeris iets doet met je aangifte...

Stewart said...

Mochten ze nog een keer in de veronderstelling te mogen zijn dat ze het bij het rechte eind hebben...