Friday, 5 September 2008

clean-up your shit

It was sunny when I walked out the door, so I took the Polderweg route to walk to work.

polderweg / linnaeusstraat

The taggers and graffiti artists are probably back in school; most of the stuff on the Polderweg fences is in a relatively good condition. Some of it very colourful....

still in good order

...whereas other stuff is mostly shades of grey.

concrete and gravel

I walked past an anglofile car...

british made

...and an offer for free knitted scarves; just bring wool.

free scarves and free hammock

The last thing I photographed before entering work was this command to clean up your shit. Good idea.

clean up your shit

In the morning I had a long meeting with the LSC/VIRGO conference organising committee; we needed to run down the checklist to see if everything had been taken care off. Most of the things were. I had to change a few webpages where locations had changed but that was quickly done. In the afternoon I updated the press information for the LHC Start on Wednesday.

Sunday afternoon I'm flying to Pisa and I'm coming back on Wednesday afternoon. Collins —whom I might meet on Schiphol since he's flying around the same time— is staying in the US much longer. He said he wouldn't be back until the first week of October. It might even be later since he wants to go to his birthplace to research his great-grandfather. He's been working on a family genealogy lately.

When I left work it had started to rain so I took the bus home; no photos. If I had gone to Archeon for the Viking weekend I would have been sitting outside in the rain. Now I've seen on the Pisa weather forecast that Monday/Tuesday it will be sunny and 30° C… Poor me.


Juf Jo said...

If your flying over airport Lelystad wave, we will be there at aviodrome all weekend playing with junkers and lots of dakotas!

Vincent said...

AGAIN, I like the graffiti a lot. Very simple but very funky. Have a good weekend! :-)

Nicole said...

Have a good trip to Italy! Enjoy the weather and take lots of photos!