Tuesday, 2 September 2008

don't panic

It seems that when I don't blog for a day people start to worry; Renate called me at work to see if I was still alive. It's good to see that people worry about me, but rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated. The reason for not blogging yesterday will become evident as you read on.

yesterday's blog

Yesterday I walked to Muiderpoort along the railroad on Populierenweg. From here you have a view throught Eikenweg and Eikenplein to Oosterpark.


At Muiderpoort the schoolkids were invading the bus again after the holidays. Another good reason to walk to work.


At work I was massively busy with the EU astroparticle report, press releases, website updating, organising the trip to Pisa, discussing 3-D drawings of the Einstein Telescope with one of the draughtsmen and a gazillion other things that have already slipped my mind.

After work I walked back on a zigzag route through the Watergraafsmeer. I didn't stop until I had cleared my mind and saw that the demolition team had almost cleared the site of the old 'flying saucer' Wethouder Verheij sports hal.

verheij sports hal (what's left of it)

I was meeting Anna at Maxwell's around 17:00. She called at 17:05 that she'd be 15 minutes late and finally showed up about 45 minutes late. The tram just didn't arrive for almost an hour. She was pretty pee'd off about that. So was I, but for a different reason. When Anna phoned to say she'd be late I had ordered 'bitterballen' to have something to eat. I needed to eat something around that time. The bitterballen took over 30 minutes to arrive! I had just gobbled up the last one when Anna arrived and said 'I'm hungry, I haven't eaten all day'. So, off to the ThaiCoon we went where Anna was brave and didn't order tofu with red curry. She tried —on my advice— the Kai Pad med Mamuang without the Kai but with tofu. I guess you could call it Tofu Pad med Mamuang. She liked it.

maxwell terrace

After dinner we went home. Anna had just bought a new MacBook last month and it needed a bit of fine tuning, software installing and updating. Especially updating… After every installation I needed to download and install update after update. Anna looked at it with wide-open eyes, 'do we really need to do all those updates'? Yes, Anna, we do.

Nantko also came by at some point to drop off some gear for Marion. By the time everybody had left it was getting late and I wasn't in the mood anymore for blogging. So now you know why there wasn't a blog yesterday.

today's blog

Today I walked to Amstel Station. I walked throught Vaalrivierstraat, one of the streets between Afrikanerplein and Ringdijk. It looks more like the architecture you'd expect to find in Amsterdam-North than in East.

vaalrivierstraat, northern look in east

At work I've spent some time on the 3x4m canvas of the ATLAS experiment in the main hall. The builders came to put the frame together and tie the canvas to it. I finalised the artwork for the 10x15m mesh cloth which will be hung from our workshop, I made a few webpages for the press event we're having on 10 september for the LHC pre-start, finalised the EU astroparticle report, had more discussions with the draughtsman about the 3-D drawing for the Einstein Telescope and ran around doing all sorts of mini tasks, including booking the ticket to Pisa. Never a dull moment… I'm leaving this Sunday and coming back on the following Wednesday. That'll give me two full days at the EGO/VIRGO experiment to make photos. Too bad that it also means I have to skip going to the International Viking Week in Archeon with Danny and Marion this weekend.

I hope those photos of VIRGO will be a bit more classy than the one I took on Middenweg on my way home.

middenweg, public loo…

It was pouring down with rain so I didn't stop to make too many photos. This one is sort of funny, though. A 'post office red' cargo bike with the sign 'correio' (Spanish for post) on it next to the TNT letterbox.

correio de tnt?

I got a fruit salad and a Beef Teriyaki Salad from AH for dinner.

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