Friday, 12 September 2008

duck off, lady!

It was pissing down with rain; even the ducks in the ringvaart were sheltering under the bushes. I walked to Amstel Station under the shelter of my big, blue umbrella.

sheltering ducks

On Nobelweg I noticed a new 'desire path' was in the making behind the bus stop. This one is relatively new, so it is not very visible yet. I'm sure that in a few weeks all the grass will be flattened which will invite even more people to use it.

a pathway called desire

The desire path on Amstel Station has been there as long as I can remember. Why the council has never made a proper path here I don't understand. A lot of desire paths are eventually turned into official paths; after all, this is where people want to walk.

still muddy after all these years

Further proof that the LHC had not propelled us into a parallel universe was at the #37 bus stop. It was raining, the previous bus was cancelled, the driver of this bus needed his compulsary 30 minutes coffee break after a 15 minute ride and there were more people (90% VMBO school kids…) waiting than would fit in the bus. The GVB still wonders why people complain about their service. Maybe hell is a parallel universe?

bus ride to a parallel world

At work I had just started on a new version of the Einstein Telescope poster when Martin came in. He's the draughtsman who has designed the stuff I'm trying to 3-D in the poster. We talked about the design and building problems you'll encounter when you need to place three 30 km long tunnels completely level a few hundred meters below ground. A very interesting conversation, and so thought my colleague Fred who also chimed in. We learned quite a bit about gravitational wave detection, S-waves, P-waves and signal noise because of people walking down the hall when you're taking data. The skinnier people are, the less noise in your signal!

In the afternoon we had another meeting of the LSC/VIRGO conference committee. It looks like I'll be directing the video stream of the plenary meeting.

When I left work it was still pouring down. The rain lashing the pond next to the bus stop was throwing up bubbles.

more rain

I took the bus a few stops down the Kruislaan and then walked home through Jerusalem.

from under my umbrella

The path into Frankendael Park was flooded; the forecast has predicted rain fall of more than 20 mm and here you could see it…

way more than 20 mm

Crossing the Ringvaart bridge I saw the same ducks still sheltering under the bushes. A second after I took this shot of the ducks they left their shelter and came swimming towards me. When I looked up I saw an old woman standing not half a meter beside me, casting bread upon the waters. A second later and my juggling with the camera, my glasses and the umbrella would have been for nought. Thanks, lady.

still sheltering

When I got home I nuked yesterday's Kai Pad Khing and ate half of my fruit salad.

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Nicole said...

Amsterdam monsoon season! Einstein poster sounds exciting!